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Gifts to give and presents for others on the wedding day - plan my wedding

Aug 07

Gifts to give and presents for others on the wedding day – plan my wedding

Wedding day presents As bride and groom you will want to show your appreciation to the people who have been involved in your wedding party, and the best way is by giving them a present to remind them of the special day. Try to make these presents lasting and, if possible, personal; they will like to have something that they can look at in later years, and something that has obviously been selected with care and thought. (more…)

The service and what constitutes a marriage - marriage planner

Aug 07

The service and what constitutes a marriage – marriage planner

Marriage constitutes The word ‘wedding’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word wed, meaning a pledge (especially a financial one), and it is this pledge, in its modern form, that constitutes a marriage. For the marriage to be legal in this country it has to take the form of a public declaration, before at least two adult witnesses, that the couple intend to live together as husband and wife, and know of no reason legally why they are not free to marry. They must also fulfil the legal requirements in every respect. (more…)

Evening after wedding parties with friends - wedding planner

Aug 05

Evening after wedding parties with friends – wedding planner

Wedding parties Many couples these days choose to have an evening party for wider groups of friends when they have not been able to invite them all to the reception. This is an ideal opportunity for colleagues, friends from sports teams or clubs, etc, to give you their own good wishes for your married life and also to join in the celebrations. (more…)

Going away after the wedding reception - helpful information

Aug 03

Going away after the wedding reception – helpful information

After the formal part of the wedding reception is over, the bride and groom should plan to have a time when they can circulate, separately or together, and talk to all of the guests informally. This may be the only chance that you get to see your guests on an informal level, so make the most of it. If possible this should be done while you are still in all your wedding finery; it will be a chance for the guests to admire your outfits at close quarters as well as to give you their good wishes. (more…)

Jul 18

Flowers and colors on your wedding – checklists

The meaning of flowers, colors on your wedding in Victorian times the ‘language of flowers’ was an elaborate code which lovers (or suitors) used to send detailed messages to each other. Here are the meanings of some of the flowers that you may wish to include in your bouquet. Carnation fascination, love Chrysanthemum, red I love Chrysanthemum, white truth Daffodil regard Daisy innocence Flowering almond hope Fern fascination, sincerity Forget-me-not remembrance Heliotrope devotion, faithfulness Honeysuckle generosity Hyacinth, white loveliness Ivy geranium bridal flower Ivy fidelity, marriage Iris flame, my compliments Japonica, white loveliness Jasmine amiability Lemon blossom fidelity in love Lilac, white youthful innocence Lily, white purity, modesty Attendants’ flowers

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Jul 16

Wedding flowers and colors on the great wedding day

Wedding flowers Flowers have played a part in countless weddings throughout the centuries, and a wedding wouldn’t really feel complete without them. In ancient Roman and Anglo-Saxon wedding ceremonies both the bride and the groom wore garlands, and in the Middle Ages children strewed flowers in the path of the bride as she emerged from the church – this is the origin of our tradition of the flower girl. In early rural weddings in this country the bridal wreath often consisted of ears of corn or wheat, signifying plenty and fertility, and in some traditions the bride still carries ears of grain in her bouquet.

Your flowers Flowers for your wedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose; there is no set rule to follow. (more…)

Bride and bridegroom --- Image by © Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

Jul 14

Wedding ideas – grooms clothes and choosing his outfit

Grooms clothes Shown here are some options for the groom’s outfit; the men of the wedding party should wear clothes of the same style and degree of formality or informality. 1Lounge suit with waistcoat. 2Morning suit with wing collar, stock and top hat. 3Morning suit with ordinary collar and tie. 4Morning suit with darker jacket and gloves. 5Formal suit with dark jacket and striped waistcoat and trousers. Groom’s clothes – Choosing an outfit 6For a formal afternoon wedding followed by an evening reception, a dinner jacket with cummerbund, tartan trews, dress shirt and bow tie. 7White tie and tails – a short tail-jacket, stiff shirt, white bow tie and black top hat. 8Outfit for the traditional wedding of a Scot. 9Double-breasted suit. 10Morning suit with dark jacket, pale waistcoat, top hat and striped trousers. (more…)

Bridesmaids dresses - optional styles

Jul 12

Bridesmaids dresses – optional styles

Styles for bridesmaids dresses Bridesmaids’ dresses can come in almost any shape and color; the styles shown here are just some of the many options. 1 Formal plain satin dress with fitted bodice, puffed and gathered sleeves and gently gathered skirt. 2 Ruffled dress with sash and puffed sleeves. 3 Gingham dress with broderie anglaise apron and mob cap. 4 Ruffled and frilled dress that could be made up in a plain or printed fabric. 5 Striped dress with leg-of-mutton sleeves and square neckline. 6 White dress with sash and underskirt in a contrasting color. 7 Bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses showing how the same basic style can be adapted. The bride’s dress has flowers along the neck ruffle and skirt, and a gathered overskirt that has been caught up with ribbons. The bridesmaid’s dress has a narrower neck frill and ruffle around the skirt. 8 Dresses for two bridesmaids of very different ages, made up in two shades of peach. Both dresses have gathered and ruffled sleeves and are trimmed with lace. 9 Matching bridesmaids’ dresses in white overlaid with spotted voile; these dresses would suit bridesmaids of any age from young girls to a matron of honor.

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Bridesmaids dresses - fabrics, accessories and checklist

Jul 10

Bridesmaids dresses – fabrics, accessories and checklist

Fabrics, bridesmaids dresses During the 50s and 60s satins were the rule for bridesmaids’ dresses, and were very suitable for the extremely simple princess styles and straight skirts of those eras. Since the advent of ‘flower power’ and subsequent fashion trends, dresses for both bride and bridesmaids have become much more feminine. As a result many more fabrics have been brought into use for bridesmaids’ dresses – prints, ginghams, cottons, slubbed silks, broderie anglaise, checks, etc. Choose a fabric that complements your wedding dress; for instance if you are all layers and layers of fine net and organdie, bridesmaids in tartan wouldn’t look very appropriate – or if you are in Edwardian style, bridesmaids in satin and net crinolines would look strange. Don’t just look in the ‘bridal’ departments of shops for fabrics and dresses; these tend to be very safe and predictable. Shop around in boutiques and the other departments, and you could come across just what you are looking for.

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Wedding ideas - tipps to the bride to look best

Jul 08

Wedding ideas – tipps to the bride to look better

Looking your best, bride tipps Needless to say, on your wedding day you will want to look your very best, with all your good points emphasised and your weaker points played down. Go over in your mind each aspect of your appearance – weight, complexion, hair, make-up, etc – and think it through in the light of how you want to look on your wedding day.

Face A good deal of attention will be focused on your face, as this is the focus of your general wellbeing and emotions – and also the cause of lots of beauty problems! However, with a little planning and preparation you will be able to be a radiant bride. Even if you don’t generally wear very much make-up, make an exception for your wedding day; with all the finery around you it is easy for your face to ‘disappear’ and be overshadowed. Plan to wear quite a lot of well-chosen and well-applied foundation, blusher, eye-shadow and lipstick, and (more…)