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Weeding ideas - wedding service and food

May 26

Wedding ideas – wedding service and food

Alternative receptions – wedding service The wedding service is not the only part of the wedding day that can be varied according to need and preference; the reception also offers the chance for an individual touch.

Vegetarian It is possible to produce delicious vegetarian wedding fare for a formal sit-down meal or for a buffet, but if you want to use a caterer you will probably need to look for one who specialises in vegetarian food.

Kosher There are numerous tasty traditional Kosher foods that are perfect for weddings, and your families will probably have their own favourites if they are Jewish. Non-Kosher guests are unlikely to find any difficulty over eating Kosher foods.

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Low section of newly wed couple

May 24

Wedding Ideas – Controls and Consanguinity by Marriage

Marriage controls and consanguinity There are still strict controls in England and Wales on who may and may not marry. These are the controls as they stand at present. • People under 16 years of age may not marry. • If a person over 16 but under 18 wishes to marry, consent must be obtained from the parents or other lawful guardians or guardian. • No person who is already married to a living spouse can marry someone else; if they do so the second marriage is invalid. • No person who is going through a divorce may marry until the decree absolute has been granted. • The two people wishing to marry must be male and female respectively. (more…)

Weeding ideas - second wedding1

May 24

Weeding ideas – second wedding

Second wedding Second weddings are very common with the rising divorce statistics in this country, and are developing an etiquette all of their own. Widows and widowers Of course if you have been married before and your spouse has died, you are quite free to get married in church. Generally a full white wedding with all the trimmings will not be appropriate if the bride has been married before, but may be totally appropriate if it is the groom who is the widower. If the bride is a widow she and the groom will probably share the cost of the wedding, although there is nothing to stop her parents making a contribution.

Where to marry? Until recently it has been very unusual for Anglican ministers to marry a couple where one of them is divorced and the divorced partner is still living, but there are moves afoot to change this. (more…)

Newlywed couple kissing on wall

May 20

Wedding Ideas – Who Pays for What at the Wedding

Wedding Ideas In past times the rules over paying for weddings were very clearly laid out; the bride’s father met many of the costs, and the rest were covered by the groom. These days it is much less clear cut. Most couples contribute jointly towards the costs, just as they would towards any other event they were organising together, and often the groom’s family also help pay for the wedding or some part of it. Of course the whole issue of who pays for what will be something that you will need to talk about in some detail with both sets of parents, being realistic over what you can all afford. Here, for basic guidelines, are the expenses that are traditionally met by each side, although your own list may look very different! (more…)

Bride & Groom

May 12

Wedding Ideas – Types of Ceremony

Choosing a wedding ceremony One of the earliest questions to be settled is the kind of wedding that you want. There are numerous options open to you, and you have the chance to make this most important day live up to all your hopes and expectations for it! Make sure that you choose the type of wedding with which you feel most comfortable. If you have always wanted a large, formal wedding, then go for that option – on the other hand, if you cringe at the thought of all that drama, or if you would be happier with a non-religious ceremony, then don’t let anyone push you into a formal church wedding. The basic options for the type of ceremony are set out here; choose the one that fits your own preferences best, and then you can add your own details to it to personalise the day. (more…)

Newlywed couple touching noses

May 08

Wedding Ideas – Types of ceremony, Informality

Informal wedding ceremony Informality can be brought into the traditional wedding service in many ways; choose the kind that you feel most comfortable with, and resist any conventions that you feel are inappropriate. The bride could wear a shorter dress, or one without a train, of less traditional design. She can get married in a suit, in trousers if she wishes, or in a dress that is coloured rather than white. The bridesmaids can wear less traditional clothes too – for instance tartan or striped cotton rather than pastel satin or net. The bride may choose not to have any attendants, or may choose a friend who will wear ordinary clothes. The bouquets could be made up of garden flowers or wild flowers. (more…)

Bride's Hand Being Decorated with Henna

Apr 04

Wedding Ideas – the Rules of Love

The art of love During the 12th century one Andreas Capellanus (‘Andrew the Chaplain’) wrote a treatise in Latin called the Art of Loving. In it he laid down 31 rules of love; no-one is quite sure whether they were to be taken seriously or whether they were tongue-in-cheek! However, here they are. (more…)

Reverend speaking with newlywed couple, wedding guests standing around

Apr 01

Wedding Ideas – Thinking about Family, Money, Leisure and Sex

Family Do I get on with my partner’s parents and family? Does my partner get on with my parents and family? Are there any areas of friction? if so, what can we do about them? Do We come from similar social backgrounds? If not, is this a problem? Or could it become one? Do we have similar attitudes to family get-togethers? Is either of us too dependent on our own family? How often will we expect to see our families after our marriage? How often will they expect to see us? Will I be tempted to put my family before my marriage? Are our family situations similar or different? (For instance, the number of children in the family, attitudes to money, etc.) If so, is this going to be a problem? (more…)

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Aug 25

To buy wedding rings cheap, right or wrong?

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