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Sep 01

Your wedding photographs are so important like the wedding itself

Wedding photographs Your photographs are a very important reminder of your wedding day, not just for you, but for your parents, friends, attendants, etc. It is vital to make sure that you have a good photographer that you can trust. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a professional wedding photographer; if you have a friend or relative who is a very good photographer and you want to rely on him or her, then that should be fine. Don’t, however, rely just on friends’ snapshots; these will be nowhere near the high quality that you will want for your special photographs. Another advantage of professional photographers is that their service is probably covered by insurance; certainly you will be eligible for compensation should something go horribly wrong with the film or with the final negatives. (more…)

Aug 31

How and where to find pretty flowers for your wedding day – wedding organizer

Wedding flowers Flowers have played a part in countless weddings throughout the centuries, and a wedding wouldn’t really feel complete without them. In ancient Roman and Anglo-Saxon wedding ceremonies both the bride and the groom wore garlands, and in the Middle Ages children strewed flowers in the path of the bride as she emerged from the church – this is the origin of our tradition of the flower girl. In early rural weddings in this country the bridal wreath often consisted of ears of corn or wheat, signifying plenty and fertility, and in some traditions the bride still carries ears of grain in her bouquet. (more…)

Aug 31

Pay special attention to the wedding cake – ancient tradition and cultures

Wedding cake Wedding cakes are a very ancient tradition in many cultures. The Romans ate a ‘cake’ baked from wheat flour, salt and water as the marriage contract was performed, and tribes such as the Iroquois Indians and the Fiji Islanders have long traditions of the bride offering a cake to her new husband. In this country the Roman type of cake gave way to a spiced bread or biscuit, and by Tudor times sugar, eggs and fruit were added to make a mixture more similar to the rich fruit cake we know today. (more…)

Aug 31

The wedding music as integral part of a wedding service – wedding event planner

Wedding music Music is an integral part of a wedding service. It adds to the dignity and special air of the occasion, and also contributes one of the notes of rejoicing and celebration. Also, it provides a chance for the couple to choose one or more pieces of music that are special to them for one reason or another. Most church weddings are accompanied by organ music as that is the most easily available instrument in that setting. Also the organ will be powerful enough to fill the whole church with music, whereas a soloist on another instrument such as an oboe or violin may not be loud enough to cover the bustle of everyone getting to their feet and saying how lovely the bride looks! (more…)

Aug 30

Book travel arrangements for the honeymoon after the wedding

Honeymoon travel Your travel arrangements will need to be very carefully thought out, especially if you have a specific plane, train or boat that you need to catch after the reception. Be realistic about the time that you will be able to get ¿way from the reception, and also make realistic assessments of how long it will take you to get to your destination, remembering that you will both be tired. (more…)

Aug 30

How to find appropriate pageboys outfits – ideas for wedding

Pageboys outfits These styles show a selection of the outfits that could be chosen for a pageboy or pageboys., 1 Velvet jacket and grey trousers with bow tie. 2 Morning suit complete with wing collar and top hat. 3 Traditional velvet knickerbocker suit. 4 Formal suit with striped trousers and waistcoat. 5 Bellhop’s outfit. (more…)

Aug 29

How to find appropriate Flower girls dresses – ideas for wedding

Wedding flower girls If you have a very small sister, niece, cousin, etc, you may want to have her in your wedding party as a flower girl. This role could be purely decorative – she could be chosen just to look pretty and add some variety to the attendants – or you could detail her to precede the bride down the aisle scattering flower petals or confetti. (more…)

Aug 28

Thankyous after the return from honeymoon to your wedding guests

When you return from honeymoon there will be lots to sort out, but don’t neglect any extra wedding thankyous that are needed. Of course there will probably be quite a few thankyou notes for wedding presents that arrived on the day itself and couldn’t be incorporated into the pre-wedding arrangements, but there may also be some people to whom you want to say a special thank you. For instance, it will be nice for both sets of parents to have a written appreciation of their help and support through the hectic wedding plans and on the day; you might even care to send a bouquet or a little present to them. It will also be nice for your bridesmaids, best man and any other attendants to receive a written thankyou. For all these people it will be nice to have a good enlargement of one of your best wedding photographs, perhaps in a special frame, for them to put in a position of prominence! (more…)

Aug 27

Where and how to organize the wedding reception – wedding preparation

Choosing the right time, place and atmosphere for your wedding reception will help to ensure that your wedding celebrations are conducted to your entire satisfaction! Put a lot of thought into the details of your reception; it will not be wasted time, and will help to guarantee that on the day everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. (more…)

Aug 26

Transport service and reception on the wedding day – plan my wedding

Transport to and from the service and wedding reception is one of the finishing touches to your wedding. You may have always dreamed of arriving in a white Rolls-Royce, or leaving your reception in a hot air balloon; now is the time to make your dreams come true, provided cash is no problem! (more…)