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Sep 09

Catering Buffet Food Drinks – Professional Wedding Preparation

Types of Catering for the Wedding Celebration

Whether you choose Professional caterers or prepare some of the food yourself, it is important to have the freedom to enjoy the reception and circulate among the guests. You need to consider a Professional caterer if your guest list exceeds 20. You might not enjoy yourself if you’re running around worrying about dirty dishes and whether or not everyone has had enough to eat. Factors that determine your style of catering are: budget, number of guests (consider professional caterers if over 20), availability of sufficient cutlery, china, glassware, etc., time of wedding (tends to dictate how hungry your guests will be and the most appropriate type of food to provide), type of food to be served, help available for advance food preparation and on the day. Do not be over-ambitious. Avoid food that is very spicy, fat-rieh or fiddly to eat. Choose bite-size, non-drip and non-crumbly food for a finger buffet. It is advisable to fest out any new recipes beforehand. (more…)

Sep 08

Organize Wedding Reception and Preparation – Guests Restaurant Hotel

Choosing The Type of Your Wedding Reception

Choosing the right time, place and atmosphere for your wedding reception will help to ensure that your wedding celebrations are conducted to your entire satisfaction! Put a lot of thought into the details of your reception; it will not be wasted time, and will help to guarantee that on the day everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

What kind of a reception do you want? Conventional receptions come in many forms: formal, sit-down meals, hot or cold buffets, parties at home or in a hall or marquee, evening parties for friends and relations. Your style of reception should echo the style of your wedding; for instance, if you are having a very formal, very large church wedding with all the trimmings then a formal sit-down reception in an hotel or restaurant would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you are having a very small, quiet registry office wedding you may want to have a small buffet reception at your mother’s home. (more…)