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The Honeymoon Planning and Some Great Offers – Plan my Wedding

The Honeymoon Planning and Some Great Offers – Plan my Wedding
After all the planning, tension and hard work, it’s time for you both to get away from it all and relax. It’s the perfect way to reward yourselves and the first chance you’ll get to spend some time together as man and wife away from your families and friends, so it’s important to get it right.

Refer to Checklist 33
□ Decide whether guests will contribute to the cost of your honeymoon or you will pay for it yourself
□ Set a provisional budget
• ‘holiday of a lifetime’ or less extravagant
• length of stay
□ Discuss the type of holiday you both will enjoy
• on the beach
• Sightseeing
• touring
• other
□ Identify suitable destinations
• UK
• abroad
□ Select the type of accommodation
• hotel
• self-catering apartment
• villa
• other
□ Decide on preferred method of travel
• air
• sea
• rail
• road
□ Decide how you wish to book your honeymoon
• holiday Company
• travel agent
• website

As a honeymoon couple, you may be entitled to a special discount/upgrade/Champagne/ flowers
□ Arrange overnight accommodation on the wedding night, if required
□ Decide whether to change the name in your passport Some countries will not accept o passport that has not been amended (i.e. it is still in your maiden name), even if you carry your marriage certificate with you. Therefore, you must arrange to have a post-dated passport issued in your married name
□ Obtain the necessary form signed by the officiant or Superintendent Registrar
□ Send to the appropriate Passport Office. Your new passport will only be valid from the date of your wedding since it will be post-dated. It is possible to apply up to three months in advance, but allow a minimum of six weeks for it to be processed
□ Arrange any necessary visas and check they can be stamped in a post-dated passport. If a visa cannot be stamped in your post-dated passport, you will need to travel using a passport in your maiden name. As a precaution, take your marriage certificate with you if the tickets are booked in your married name
□ Purchase maps, guidebooks and any GPS Upgrades
□ Book the honeymoon in the name that will match your passport
□ Arrange for full travel/medical insurance and apply for a European Health Insurance Card (European destinations only)
□ Order currency and travellers cheques
□ Consult your GP regarding any advised or necessary inoculations or medicines at least three weeks prior to your proposed departure date
□ Ensure you have an adequate supply of regularly taken medication and precautionary items
□ Check on the amount and weight of luggage that you are allowed to take
□ Prepare an emergency kit in your hand luggage in the event that your luggage is mislaid or delayed reaching your destination
• washbag
• change of underwear and clothes
• medication
□ Make arrangements for any pets
□ Arrange transport to and from the honeymoon departure point
□ Advise neighbors of your itinerary and arrange for someone to check on your property while you are away
□ Cancel newspaper delivery
□ Cancel milk delivery
□ Water houseplants


Honeymoon destination Checklist
Email Website
Holiday company/travel agent
Telephone Fax
Email Website
Total cost £
Deposit £ Date paid
Balance £ Date paid
Departure time from reception
Transport from reception
First night destination
Transport to departure point
Flight number

Checklist 33 Honeymoon (Cont.)
Check-in time
Time of arrival at destination
Departure date for return journey
Transport to departure point
Departure time
Flight number
Check-in time
Time of arrival at destination Transport home from airport/station

□ Passports/visas Toiletries
□ Marriage certificate Cosmetics/nail polish
□ Currency/ travellers cheques Shampoo/hair dryer
□ Vaccination certificates Clothes
□ Tickets/hotel vouchers Accessories
□ Itinerary Jewelry
□ Travel insurance policy Swimwear/beach towels
□ Cheque book/credit cards Dressing gown
□ Driving licenses
□ Car documents
□ Luggage keys
□ Maps/guidebooks

Checklist 33 Honeymoon



□ Camera/video camera
□ Films/flash unit/tapes
□ Sunglasses
□ Sunscreen/after-sun lotion
□ First aid kit/insect repellent
□ Salt tablets
□ Contraception
□ Medication
Summary of Honeymoon 1 Expenses
Accommodation ;
Travel £
Transfers to accommodation £
Travel insurance £
Taxis £
Currency/travellers’ cheques £
Passports/visas/inoculations £

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