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Important Duties of the Ushers – Plan my Wedding

Important Duties of the Ushers – Plan my Wedding
A small wedding does not require ushers. As a general rule, you will need one usher per 50 guests. The ushers are chosen by the groom and his best man and are usually brothers, dose relatives or friends of the bride and groom. It is advisable to appoint a chief usher who will direct the others and his specific responsibilities are shown as (CU). Traditionally, the ushers are the responsibility of the best man who ensures they know their duties.

4 months
□ Arrange to purchase or hire clothes, based on guidance from the bridegroom and best man, and ascertain who will pay – see ‘Clothes for the Bridegroom’,, and ‘Clothes for the Male Attendants’,

1 week
□ Confirm final arrangements with the best man and any other ushers, including time of arrival at the church or civil ceremony
□ Obtain from the best man a list of the family and any guests who are to be personally escorted to their seats and any special seating arrangements at the ceremony (CU)
□ Attend the wedding rehearsal, if required (church only)
□ Attend any pre-wedding parties
□ Obtain a large umbrella
□ Have hair cut

1 day
□ Collect any hired clothing and accessories

On the day
□ Collect buttonholes and order of Service sheets from the bride’s home (CU)
□ Have a large umbrella available if it is likely to rain
□ Arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes before the ceremony

At the church or civil ceremony
□ Assist guests with parking if requested
□ Greet guests as they arrive
• hand out order of Service sheets, hymn and prayer books (church only)
• hand out buttonholes and a corsage to the groom’s mother
• hand out maps showing the route to the reception or give directions
□ Ensure the officiant has order of Service sheets for the bride and groom (CU) (church only)
□ Escort the bride’s mother and guests to their seats It is usual for the bride’s family and friends to sit on the left and the groom’s family and friends on the right. If there is a great imbalance in numbers, the ushers may tactfully ask guests to fill the seating evenly
□ Endeavour to seat couples with young babies and children near the exit
□ Escort latecomers to seats at the back of the church or room
□ In the event of rain, use an umbrella to protect the bride and groom, attendants and immediate family
□ Assist the best man with organizing guests fo

r the group photographs
□ Direct guests regarding the throwing of confetti
□ Ensure the church or room is left tidy and collect any property left behind and unused order of Service sheets
□ Ensure guests have transport to the reception

At the reception
□ Assist guests with parking
□ Look after any elderly or infirm guests

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