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Marrying in Church is not that Hard – Wedding Preparation

Marrying in Church is not that Hard – Wedding Preparation
It is possible to have a church wedding whatever your beliefs and whether or not you are baptized and go to church. Marrying in church has never been easier thanks to a change in the law, which means you now have more churches to choose from. Lots of people marry in their own local church, but maybe you would like to marry in a church away from where you live because it has special significance for you through family or other connections.

Refer to Checklist 4 ‘Church Wedding
□ Make an appointment with the officiant to discuss the
following details:
• date and time of ceremony
• content and order of Service – see ‘Order of Service’,
• bell-ringers, Organist and choir and the relevant cost
• suggest a meeting with the Organist and obtain a contact telephone number
• check whether there are any other weddings on the same day
• flowers and who will provide them

Some churches provide flowers and you may need to specify the type and color required. If so, ascertain whether you will be required to contribute towards the cost. You may also wish to liaise with any other couples getting married on the same day
• permission for photography and video recording
• the policy regarding confetti
• amount of church fees and details of payment
• dates for wedding preparation classes or instruction
• dates when the banns will be published (on three Sundays before the wedding)
• date for the rehearsal with all attendants present
• obtain signature on the necessary form if you wish to change the name in your passport before the wedding

□ Make an appointment with the organist to discuss the music see ‘Order of Service’,
□ Arrange for the banns to be published in groom’s church if different to the bride’s church
□ Choose at least two witnesses (this is a legal requirement)
□ Make a sketch of the inside of the church if required by photographer, videographer, etc.
□ Ascertain location and quantity of parking space for guests’

Checklist 4 Church Wedding

Church Fees
Officiant £
Banns £
Marriage Certificate £
Organist £
Choir £
Bell-ringers £
Video recording Copyright £
Total £
Details of payment
Musician(s)/singer(s) £
Flowers £