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Money Back und Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee
we were used to be members of ebay.de since 06.2009. After only half an year later our status was upgraded to power seller. Even though our team have deliberately stopped our wedding jewelry from selling in there. Because firstly the fees are too expensive and secondly our quality and handcraft does not corresbond to this in ebay. That’s why we developed our online shop and only a few week later we got the first customers feedbacks in Google.de

Money Back Guarantee
We offer a money back period so you can cancel your order and return your ring up to 14 days from the date of receiving the item if it is not as expected. If you wish to cancel your order and return it for a refund, please contact us before that either by telephone or email. The purchaser will not be refunded any relevant shipping costs and will be responsible for returning the ring to weddingrings-gold.com.
The item must be received back in its original condition, with all original documentation if applicable. Refunds/exchanges may not be authorized for bespoke items, engraved items, and rings sent back more than 14 days after they were received. When we do accept items back after 14 days, they will usually be subject to administration charges. We will also not refund if it is evident that more than one ring was purchased with the express intention of choosing between them and returning one for a refund. If there are signs of wear on a returned item, charges may apply to re-polish the ring.

Refunds will be made only by PayPal.
In some cases, we will contact you before we manufacture a ring, to discuss what we can do to ensure the ring will be suitable and therefore not returned. This is especially likely if the item is of high value. We reserve the right to exclude items from the 14-day refund policy, and will always contact you prior to manufacture if this is the case.