Oct 20

One week to go Before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding

One week to go Before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding
Things will really start to hot up in the last week – you will probably feel a heady mix of excitement and anxiety. Friends and family will probably be ringing and e-mailing to check how you are, ask final questions and offer last-minute help. You really need to keep your cool in the run-up to the big day.

Get early nights, if you can, and look after yourself. Unfortunately, you can’t just press a pause button on the rest of life, so be prepared for the unexpected. Before our ceremony, my step-grandmother broke her hip, a friend’s house was burgled, it was unusually hot, and the water in our street was turned off while they replaced the Victorian pipes. If you can, take the week, or at least the last few days, off before your civil partnership to allow time for last- minute preparations. Pamper yourself and don’t forget to check those lists you prepared in the previous chapter.

For emergencies
Pack an emergency kit of needle and thread; headache, stomachache and indigestion tablets; tissues; tampons; tweezers; scissors; plasters, and any medication you might need. It is advisable to have some cash and a credit card in case of emergencies. Make sure you also have the telephone number of a local taxi company. Top up your mobile phone credit and make sure it’s fully charged.

If the phone won’t go in a handbag or pocket, ask one of your attendants to look after it for you. If you have anything that helps you to calm down, don’t forget to pack it – for example, camomile tea, lavender oil, rescue remedy, or something a bit stronger. However, remember, the registrar will be ascertaining whether you are inebriated or drugged before allowing the ceremony to take place.

If you wear glasses but are wearing contact lenses on the day, make sure someone is looking after your glasses, so that they are available in case your eyes get tired.

Pack your list of the mobile phone numbers for suppliers and key guests, the detailed running order, the overall timetable, the order of day and ceremony sheets for guests, the table plan, copies of speeches and readings, the decoration plan and guest book.

Household matters
If you are having guests back to the house the next day or staying over, sort out enough food, bedding, linen, etc. Pay any household bills that will be due while you are away on honeymoon and make any arrangements for your home or pets to be looked after. Give your travel itinerary or contact details to anyone responsible for your house or pets.

If you are changing your name by deed poll, inform all your banks, building societies, insurance companies, employer, doctor, dentist, etc.

If you don’t want to see each other the night before, work out where you are staying and the different transport arrangements.