custom wedding rings

Buy Your Custom Wedding Rings Online
The wedding rings, the traditionell symbol of marriage, are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Your Custom Wedding Rings do not need to be very expensive or lavish as they represent the love and commitment you have for one another and the partnership into which you are entering. On the ther hand you will wear these rings supposingly long time and they should get a decent quality. Goldsmith Mitev from Germany offer you a great handcrafted quality and very inexpensive prices. You could order by us as well Custom Wedding Rings from a picture or a draw and customize them however you wish.

Here are some nice hints for buying your perfect wedding bands. Choose one to complement your engagement ring. The size of your hand and fingers, and the possibility of wearing an eternity ring, should also influence your choice

  • Purchase groom’s wedding ring
  • Obtain a jeweller’s valuation certificate if you buy a ring from an antique shop or it is a family heirloom
  • Decide whether to have the ring(s) engraved: wedding date, initials or a personal message
  • Arrange a date for collection and pay any required deposit
  • Arrange insurance cover