diamond wedding rings

Diamond Wedding Rings – The Perfect Wedding Gift!
There is an old adage that says that the real diamonds are women’s best friend. Nowadays even the younger girls prefer a real gemstone instead of a cheper alternative like artifical diamonds or Swarovski stones.

Whatever you do, make sure your Diamond Wedding Rings can be adjusted later if you haven’t got the size quite right. It also depends which finger you want to wear it on. In the hetty world, you wear an Diamond Wedding Ring on the finger next to the little finger, on your left hand. Some gay couples choose to use that finger, or the same one on the right hand, or a different finger altogether. It’s up to you and depends if you want to tell the world you are married by following convention, or retain some privacy, or just be different.

Traditionally, wedding bands involve diamonds. ‘There are four features that determine the worth of a diamond – the carat, clarity, cut and colour. “The most important of these are colour and clarity,” says Goldsmith Ivan Mitev from our Jewellers Team