platinum wedding rings

Platinum Wedding Rings as Premium Jewelry for Your Wedding
Platinum is a metal that is about 1000 times rarer than gold. If you would like your future wedding bands to be in white we think that there is no better alloy than platinum 950. Moreover last several years platinum prices go lower and it makes the Platinum Wedding Rings even more attractive for our customers. As a metter of fact Goldsmiths Mitev can offer you a 5% discount for all platinum wedding bands in our collection

Here are some other wedding calendar hints from us
It is difficult to state specificaily the order in which you should plan and make all the necessary arrangements, since it will depend on the style of wedding or civil formation and the time available. However, it is advisable to make as early a start as possible to ensure you get exactly what you want and you are not rushed into making decisions. The calendar is based on having at least six months to make all the arrangements and suggests possible timings. You may find it necessary to adapt the calendar in order to suit your individual needs or if you have less time available to make the preparations. Please be aware that for your wedding jewelry you should order at least 3 months before the ceremony