white gold wedding rings

Choosing White Gold Wedding Rings
You need to decide if you want to put White Gold Wedding Rings on each other’s fingers, as it usually forms a part of the ceremony, symbolizing the promise of everlasting love. Of course, if you don’t want to exchange wedding bands, or only one of you wants a wedding ring, you can change the wording and format of the ceremony.

If you are having White Gold Wedding Rings, you may want to co-ordinate your engagement ring with your wedding ring, and you can get rings that are shaped to fit with each other. Some jewelers will visit you in your home and give you a free consultation with a range of rings – it saves the hassle of schlepping round the shops. Traditionally, a wedding ring is made of white gold, but these days people opt for platinum, white gold, palladium or silver.

Your ring is for life, not just for one wedding day, so it’s worth spending some time considering how much you want to spend on it and finding one that really suits you.