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The Best Clothes for the Bride – Ideas for Wedding

The Best Clothes for the Bride – Bride Clothes
Your dress will be an important focal point of the day whether you have a church or civil wedding, and you will want to feel confident and radiant. A formal, long dress is equally suitable for a church or civil ceremony, although many brides prefer to wear a suit or short dress for a civil wedding. Allow yourself plenty of time to make decisions and for the dress to be completely ready for the wedding day.

Refer to Checklist 16 ‘Clothes for the Bride’
□ Set a provisional budget
□ Discuss your plans with the groom to ensure color and style co-ordination between yourselves and your respective attendants
□ Choose the color scheme for your dress and your attendants’ outfits
□ Decide whether you will buy, hire or have your dress made
□ Choose the style, taking into account your personality, proportions, height and figure (accentuate your good points and minimize the rest)
• modern
• formal
• period, e.g. Victorian, Edwardian, Twenties
• length and shape of dress
• sleeves (depending on the time of year)
• trimmings and decoration
• train (it is advisable to have a detachable train so it can be removed for the reception and any dancing, unless you intend to change into a different outfit after the ceremony)
• fabric (depending on the time of year)

Having Your Dress Made
□ Identify a reputable dressmaker
• personal experience
• recommendation
• advertisement
• website
□ Arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas
□ Decide whether to buy a pattern or have a pattern made from a sketch or picture
□ Agree a provisional timetable for fittings and completion
□ Discuss the estimated total cost
□ Purchase the fabric and any trimmings

Buying or Hiring Your Dress
□ Allow plenty of time and avoid peak shopping hours
□ Take someone with you whose opinions and judgment you trust
□ Try on lots of different styles and look at yourself in the mirror from all angles, particularly the back, which will be most visible to the congregation during the ceremony
□ Check whether there is a Charge for cleaning and alterations

□ Decide whether to wear it on its own or with a veil
□ Choose an appropriate style to complement your dress and any decorative features, and to suit your proposed hairstyle for the wedding day
• tiara
• head-hugging Juliet cap
• circlet of fresh or silk flowers
• a single bloom • cluster of flowers
• ribbons trimmed with flowers
• hat (some styles of dresses, e.g. Edwardian, may look better with a hat, perhaps trimmed with
flowers or feathers)

□ Consider how it will be fixed and how well it will stay in place
□ Color
□ Choose a length to suit your dress

The more formal your dress, the longer the veil
□ Choose a style to complement your dress
• plain • patterned • plain or decorative edging

□ Shoes
Color to match or tone with your dress. It is possible to have plain white satin shoes dyed. Comfortable, non-slip, with size of heel to complement the style of dress and your height
□ Underwear
• bra
Well-fitting, cream, flesh pink or peach color, and in a plain style to avoid color and trimmings showing through your dress
• pants
Comfortable and ultrasmooth, especially if dress is tight- fitting
• petticoat
□ Stockings or tights
Stockings are cool and glamorous; tights are warmer and more comfortable. Take into account the fit of your dress. Plain or patterned with bows or hearts. Have a spare pair available
□ Gloves
□ Jewelry
□ Parasol • fan • white prayer book • bible • pomander You could consider holding one of the above instead of a bouquet
Something old Something new Something borrowed Something blue

Going-away Outfit
□ Discuss with the groom what he intends to wear for going- away
□ Choose an outfit that you can wear on other occasions
□ Choose style and fabric for the time of year and also taking into account the location and climate of your next destination
□ Purchase appropriate accessories
• hat
• shoes
• handbag
• gloves
• tights

Checklist 16 Clothes for the Bride
Telephone Fax
Email Website
Shape of skirt
Pattern No.
Dates for fittings
Dates for alterations
Date for collection

Checklist 16 Clothes for the Bride (Cont.)

Cost £ Payment details
Deposit £ Date paid
Balance £ Date paid
Hire Details
Items to be hired
Cost £
Dates for fittings
Date for collection
To be returned by Date for return
Deposit £ Date paid
Balance £ Date paid
Cost £ Payment details
Shoes Cost £
Underwear Cost £
Hosiery Cost £
Gloves Cost £
Jewelry Cost £

Checklist 16 Clothes for the Bride (Cont.)

Other Cost £
Total Cost £
Something Old
Going-away Outfit
Cost £ Payment details


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