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The Diamond Ring and more useful information

The promise diamond ring – a symbol for taste and elegance
The style and taste of a woman is accentuated by her promise diamond ring. There are diverse designs and unending variations for ladies’ rings thanks to various gold alloys (e.g. 8-karat gold 333, 14-karat gold 585, or 18-karat gold 750) and settings. The promise diamond ring is always a valuable asset, especially when the material has a high value. Nearly every woman has a collection of jewellery. There is a certain piece for each outfit and occasion. The promise diamond ring can either be made from gold, platinum, and silver as well as stainless steel. This depends on the occasion and the budget of the woman or her husband.

Promise rings with set diamonds
The brilliance of a ring is emphasised by a gemstone. It is common for women to wear rings with a gemstone. This is, however, not the case for men. The setting of a gemstone makes selecting a ring even more agonising. Because of the various shapes and colour of gemstones, there are even more combinations to choose from. There is something for every taste – from brilliant diamonds, rubies, sapphire, and jade to subdued amethyst and aquamarine. As previously mentioned, it is not only the colour of the gemstone that makes the ring unique but also how it is set. It can be overwhelming for a goldsmith to decide which gemstone should be combined with a particular alloy. Customer input is therefore essential. A large palette of ladies’ rings can arise, which can impress with their elegance, brilliance, and uniqueness.

The various symbolic interpretations of promise rings
The wedding ring may be worn differently depending on region or country. Some wear the wedding ring on the right hand, while others wear it on the left hand. In the end, it does not matter on which hand the diamond ring is worn. It only matters that the couple is satisfied with the wedding or engagement ring. In either case, the ring makes a bigger impression if it is set with gemstones.

The development of promise diamond rings over time
Jewellery has always seduced women (and even some men). In ancient times, pairs used rings made of iron. Today, there is an entire industry devoted to promise diamond rings made from various gold alloys (e.g.14-karat gold, or 18-karat gold), silver, and stainless steel. The real eye catchers and perennial favourites are the gold diamond rings. Promise rings for men are usually made from silver or stainless steel. Rings for women are usually made from white gold, yellow gold, or best of all, platinum 950. Women continue to remain faithful to these materials. A gold ring is the perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries. Gold is also the classic material for engagement and wedding rings.

Don’t forget the promise diamond ring
There are appropriate pieces of jewellery for every occasion and for every outfit. The set must always be complete. In order to create the perfect look, everything should be there: earrings, necklace, bracelet – and ring made of gold or platinum 950. Of course, one doesn’t want to overdo it. It all depends on the situation. But for many women, the promise ring can’t be left out.

IM350 two tone wedding rings rose gold polished

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