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Transport Taxis Limousines or Carriage – Wedding Preparation

Transport Taxis Limousines or Carriage – Wedding Preparation
When deciding on transport, you will need to take into account the style and theme of the wedding and the practicaI aspects such as distances, journey times and the time of year, especially if you plan to have open-topped transport.

Refer to Checklist 13 Transport’
□ Decide on mode of transport
• taxi or mini cab
• chauffeur-driven limousine or vintage car
• horse-drawn carriage (for short distances on quiet roads with no steep hi Hs)
• riverboat
• other
□ Plan how each member of the bridal party will travel to the ceremony and reception
□ Ascertain how the groom and best man will travel to the ceremony
□ Decide how many vehicles you will need to hire or borrow
□ Check local hire Companies for types of vehicles, prices and availability
□ Make an appointment to view the vehicle(s) and to discuss your requirements:
• date ‘
• times
• venues
• type, color and number of vehicles
• check whether car(s) are being used for other weddings on that day. If so, consider paying extra for exclusive use to ensure punctuality
• ascertain arrangements for an acceptable substitute in the event of a breakdown or if the vehicle is sold before the wedding
• proposed uniform of Chauffeur, driver or footmen
• ribbons on the cars or rosettes and plumes for the horses
• Champagne, glasses and an ice bucket
• estimated total cost

□ Place booking
□ Pay a deposit and discuss payment details
□ Write to confirm requirements or request confirmation
□ Arrange lifts for guests, if required
□ Arrange transport to your wedding night venue or to go on honeymoon. If necessary, plan how you will get your own car to the reception
□ Notify in writing any changes in the plans, e.g. collection address, timings, venues, number of passengers to be transported, additional photo venues U Notify the Company of any roadworks, diversions and any special events likely to cause delay that were not known at the time of booking
□ Exchange mobile telephone numbers for use on the day


Checklist 13 Transport

Hire Company
Telephone Fax
Email Website
Name of contact
Number of vehicles
To collect bridesmaids, pageboys, bride’s mother
To collect bride and bride’s father
To take bride, groom and attendants to reception
Ceremony venue
Reception venue
Extras (Champagne, etc.)
Total cost £
Deposit £ Date paid
Balance £ Date paid
Checklist 13 Transport (Cont.)
Details of any Borrowed Cars
Name Name
Address Address
Telephone Telephone
Details of Lifts arranged to the Ceremony/Reception


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