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Wedding Ideas – the Rules of Love

The art of love
During the 12th century one Andreas Capellanus (‘Andrew the Chaplain’) wrote a treatise in Latin called the Art of Loving. In it he laid down 31 rules of love; no-one is quite sure whether they were to be taken seriously or whether they were tongue-in-cheek! However, here they are.

  • The pretext of marriage is no proper excuse against love.
  • No-one who is not jealous can love.
  • No-one can have two loves at once
  • Love is always growing or diminishing.
  • There is no savour is anything obtained by the lower against the beloveds will.
  • It is not customary for a man to love before puberty.
  • It is right that the lower should remain unmarried for two years after the death of the beloved.
  • No-one should be deprived of his love without very goog reason.
  • No-one can love unless driven on by the prospect of love.
  • Love is always banished from the home of avarice
  • It is not right to love women whom one would be ashamed to take to wife.
  • The true lover desires no ambraces from any other than the beloved.
  • A love divulget rarely lasts.
  • An easy conquest makes love worthless, a difficult one gives it value.
  • Every lover grows pale at the sight of the beloved.
  • At the sudden sight of the beloved the lover’s heart quakes
  • A new love drives out the old.
  • Honesty alone makes a person worthy of love.
  • If love grows less, its decline is swift, and it seldom recovers.
  • A man m love is always fearful.
  • True jealousy always increases love s ardour.
  • A suspicion concerning the beloved increases jealousy and loves ardour.
  • A man perturbed by thoughts of love sleeps and eats the less.
  • The beloved’s every act ends in the thoughts of the lover.
  • The true lover esteems nothing good except what he thinks will please the beloved.
  • Love can deny nothing to love.
  • The lover cannot be sated with the solace of the beloved.
  • A slight presumption forces the lover to suspect the worst of the beloved.
  • He who is fired by too much lust is not likely to love.
  • The true lover is at all times continually absorbed in imagining the beloved.
  • Nothing prevents a man from being loved by two women or a woman by two men

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