Aug 11

Wedding Ideas – Thinking about Family, Money, Leisure and Sex

Do I get on with my partner’s parents and family?
Does my partner get on with my parents and family?
Are there any areas of friction? if so, what can we do about them?
Do We come from similar social backgrounds?
If not, is this a problem? Or could it become one?
Do we have similar attitudes to family get-togethers?
Is either of us too dependent on our own family?
How often will we expect to see our families after our marriage?
How often will they expect to see us?
Will I be tempted to put my family before my marriage?
Are our family situations similar or different? (For instance, the number of children in the family, attitudes to money, etc.)
If so, is this going to be a problem?

Do we have similar attitudes to spending money?
What are our attitudes to saving?
What are our attitudes to giving money to charity, church, needy causes?
Do we like entertaining?
How often will we want to entertain?
Will we have to entertain as part of our jobs?
How much of our money should go on our home?
What kind of holidays do we want to save for?
Does either of us find it difficult to hold on to money?
Does either of us find it difficult to let go of money?
Have we ever encountered problems over money?
Do we think we are ever likely to?
How do we both feel about buying on credit?
How would we cope with redundancy, disability, or anything else that affected our income?
If we have children, are we prepared for a drop in spending money?

How do we like to spend our spare time?
Do we have many interests in common?
Are there any interests that the other partner dislikes?
Is this likely to become a problem?
Do i resent any of my partner’s pastimes?
Do we want to spend all our leisure time together?
Do we share the same friends?
Does my partner dislike any of my friends?
Do i dislike any of my partner’s friends?
If so, what are we going to do about it?

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What are our expectations of sex in our marriage?
Do we have a similar sex drive?
Are we going to keep our marriage exclusive?
Do we have similar sexual backgrounds?
Do I find it difficult to talk about sex?
Does my partner find it difficult to talk about sex?
How would we cope with sexual difficulties?
What are our attitudes to contraception?
What form of contraception do we want to use?

Do I want children?
Does my partner want children?
If we disagree, how are we going to resolve the problem? If we do want children, how many?
When would we want our first child?
How would we cope with an unexpected pregnancy?
How will we feel if we can’t have children?
What changes will children bring to our marriage?
Are we prepared to cope with those changes?

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