Aug 24

Black Gold Wedding Bands – find more details

Black Gold Wedding Bands
Grey or black gold is quite a recent term. One usually speaks of white gold. But what is the difference?

When we talk about black, grey or white gold?

Like white gold, grey gold is a synthetic precious metal. Its origin is gold but by black gold (also called grey gold) we don’t use rhodium to colour extra the wedding bands and they keep their natural white glance. In other words grey or black gold is actually white gold without rhodium.

Are black gold and white gold suitable for wedding rings?

Yes sure they are. In order make sure that you will be satisfied with your wedding ring, a consultation is important Let us calmly explain how grey gold and white gold are produced. If anything is unclear, simply ask. After all, the decision for your wedding bands will affect you for many years to come.

With us, you always have the choice to have your wedding ring produced in grey gold or white gold.

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