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Find grooms and mothers clothes and choosing the best outfit – ideas for wedding

Groom’s clothes and best wedding outfit
Shown here are some options for the groom’s outfit; the men of the wedding party should wear clothes of the same style and degree of formality or informality.
1 Lounge suit with waistcoat.
2 Morning suit with wing collar, stock and top hat.
3 Morning suit with ordinary collar and tie.
4 Morning suit with darker jacket and gloves.
5 Formal suit with dark jacket and striped waistcoat and trousers.
Groom’s clothes – Choosing an outfit
6 For a formal afternoon wedding followed by an evening reception, a dinner jacket with cummerbund, tartan trews, dress shirt and bow tie.
7 White tie and tails – a short tail-jacket, stiff shirt, white bow tie and black top hat.
8 Outfit for the traditional wedding of a Scot.
9 Double-breasted suit.
10 Morning suit with dark jacket, pale waistcoat, top hat and striped trousers.

Find grooms and mothers clothes and choosing the best outfit9

Find the best mothers clothes for the wedding day
The wedding of a daughter or a son is a very big day for their mother and she will want to look her very best. Many women buy or make a special outfit for their son’s or daughter’s wedding; they know that they will be in the public eye all day, so it is important to have an outfit that is comfortable, practical and smart. Many women opt for the classic combination of a smart suit and hat, but there are no hard and fast rules; a beautiful dress with no hat is perfectly acceptable, as is a skirt and attractive blouse.

Find grooms and mothers clothes and choosing the best outfit10

It is worthwhile for the mothers of the bride and groom to consult with the couple closely on colour schemes; the whole wedding party will be standing together and being photographed together for much of the day, so it is all to the good if everyone’s outfit tones into an overall scheme.
These styles are just some of the outfits that would be eminently suitable for a daughter’s or son’s wedding.

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