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Feb 02

The service and what constitutes a marriage – marriage planner

Marriage constitutes

The word ‘wedding’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word wed, meaning a pledge (especially a financial one), and it is this pledge, in its modern form, that constitutes a marriage. For the marriage to be legal in this country it has to take the form of a public declaration, before at least two adult witnesses, that the couple intend to live together as husband and wife, and know of no reason legally why they are not free to marry. They must also fulfil the legal requirements in every respect. (more…)

Jan 24

Checklist for the best brides outfit on the wedding day – ideas for wedding

Is the wedding dress laid out flat, not hanging up? (The fabric may be so heavy that it will pull the dress out of shape if left on a hanger.)

Dress (more…)

Jan 22

Prepare Funny Toasts and Speeches on the Wedding – Useful Tips

Toasts at Your Wedding: Find a Good Toastmasters for the Celebration

A good toastmaster will coordinate the event on the day, advise on etiquette, organize your guests and liaise with all the suppliers, thus relieving you of most of the stress of being the host. They can also help in the planning stages since many will have suppliers they have worked with before in the local area. A toastmaster can be particularly useful if you are not holding your ceremony in a hotel (where a wedding coordinator would usually be on hand) – for example, if you are having the ceremony at a registry office and going straight on to a reception venue. While you are tying the knot, the toastmaster will arrive at the venue and liaise with the caterers, florists and photographers and make sure everything is going according to plan.

Toasts at Your Wedding: Toastmaster’s Obligations

When you arrive, they will open the door of your vehicle, escort you into the venue and then arrange a line-up to greet guests. This usually consists of parents, the happy couple and sometimes the best men and women. If you want, they can also announce the names of guests arriving. You should also expect them to liaise with the photographer, make sure the cake has been delivered and is ready to cut, check the decorations, and liaise with the band or musicians – basically sorting out any problems on the day. (more…)

Jan 20

The wedding music as integral part of a wedding service – wedding event planner

Wedding music Music is an integral part of a wedding service. It adds to the dignity and special air of the occasion, and also contributes one of the notes of rejoicing and celebration. Also, it provides a chance for the couple to choose one or more pieces of music that are special to them for one reason or another. Most church weddings are accompanied by organ music as that is the most easily available instrument in that setting. Also the organ will be powerful enough to fill the whole church with music, whereas a soloist on another instrument such as an oboe or violin may not be loud enough to cover the bustle of everyone getting to their feet and saying how lovely the bride looks! (more…)

Jan 18

How longs the wedding day and the possible scenarios in more details

Wedding day scenarios By the time the big day dawns, everyone should have a very clear idea of what their duties are and when they should perform them. It is a good idea to have a rehearsal for the actual service in the church, so that everyone knows just where they should be standing at what time; the best time to do this is soon before the wedding, so that as many as possible of the actual participants can attend. (more…)

Jan 14

Gifts to give and presents for others on the wedding day – plan my wedding

Wedding day presents As bride and groom you will want to show your appreciation to the people who have been involved in your wedding party, and the best way is by giving them a present to remind them of the special day. Try to make these presents lasting and, if possible, personal; they will like to have something that they can look at in later years, and something that has obviously been selected with care and thought. (more…)

Dec 26

Introduction and Organizing your wedding – useful information

Introduction and Organizing your wedding – useful information Congratulations on taking the first steps towards planning your perfect wedding day. The fact that same-sex couples can now make a legal commitment to each other akin to marriage is fantastic. And whether you want to celebrate your civil partnership with an (more…)

Dec 18

How to use our Wedding Guide properly – more information

How to use our Wedding Guide properly – more information You’ve taken the decision to have a civil partnership ceremony and now you want to get on with planning your big day. This guide helps you get started with wish lists, budget planners and the vital timetable. Once you start looking at venues and (more…)

Dec 16

Find a venue and Ideas of Budget – Plan my Wedding

Find a gay-friendly Wedding Venue and Budget Ideas

Once you have an idea of budget and how many people you want to invite, you can start looking for a venue to accommodate your 500 close friends! Your ideas might change once you have looked at a few, so keep an open mind. You may find you fall in love with somewhere that can hold only 50 people, or one that is so expensive you can afford to invite only 20. You may be looking for a venue to suit either your theme or the timing of your wedding. For example, if you want a winter wedding, you might choose a castle that is dressed for Christmas, or a summer wedding would suit a country house with grounds. For the actual civil partnership ceremony, you can use any registry office or licensed wedding venue in the country. This means that they hold a civil wedding licence, not an alcohol licence, but obviously both are important. If you don’t fancy the municipal nature of some registry offices, they will give you a list of licensed wedding venues in the area – there are over 3,500 of them in the UK, ranging from castles to racecourses, hotels to country barns, and even the London Eye. (more…)

Dec 10

Celebrate your Decision to get married – Plan my Wedding

Celebrate your Decision to get married – Plan my Wedding This chapter is about celebrating your decision and starting to dream about your wedding day. The first steps are great fun: creating a wish list for your perfect day – decide if you want a fairy tale castle, an intimate celebration, hundreds of friends and spectacular fireworks – it’s your big chance to fulfill your fantasy. (more…)