Aug 26

Green Gold Wedding Bands – more in detail

Green Gold Wedding Bands
“I’ve never seen green gold before!” We hear that a lot. We take it as a compliment. Green gold wedding rings are among the more unusual rings that we could possibly offer.

What is actually green gold?
Green gold is a synthetically produced colour variant of gold. The colour of gold can be altered by the alloy (mixed metal).

Are green gold wedding rings just a fad?
We certainly don’t think so. Green gold is not a recent invention, Green gold has been around for a while, but it has never been well known. We cannot predict how things will play out in the future. We know one thing: green gold is and will remain something realy special – its colour is unique.

Combinations with rings made of green gold
Green gold immensely expands your options with wedding rings. You have the possibility to have your ring exclusively forged from green gold. The result is a powerful wedding ring with a colour that will always be something unique. Two tone (bi metal) wedding rings with green gold provide countless variations – this is also the case with our multi-colour wedding rings.

Fine bands of green gold are just the thing to enhance the contrast. We have even created rainbows with our various wedding ring metals.

With us, you always have the choice to have your wedding ring produced in grey gold or white gold

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