18k gold wedding bands

18k Gold Wedding Bands – Made in Germany!
Your 18k Gold Wedding Bands  will probably become your most important piece of jewelry since it symbolizes the moment you became man and wife. You may have chosen these wedding bands at the same time as your engagement ring or you may be buying it just before the wedding. When you choose your 18k Gold Wedding Bands, always wear your engagement ring so you know that they’ll fit neatly together and feel comfortable.

If you have a gold engagement ring you are most likely to choose a hard-wearing 18k gold band probably made of yellow gold. If your engagement ring is platinum you will need to buy a platinum band. Weddings bands are traditionally plain but many modern styles incorporate diamonds – lovely if your budget allows! Allow enough time before the wedding to get your ring (or rings if your groom wants to wear one) engraved with your initials, the wedding date or a simple love note to one another