unique wedding rings

Unique Wedding Rings Made in Germany!
Since ages the Unique Wedding Rings are an icon for the marriage and they should be chosen right after the engagement. Although announcing an engagement is far less formal these days, it is still courteous for the man to seek the consent of the bride’s parents and ensure that they have no objections to the marriage. As soon as you get engaged, you’ll be keen to tell as many relatives and friends as possible your exciting news. Make a list and decide how you want to tell them and whether you will have a party to celebrate.

Inform both sets of parents at the earliest opportunity and of course consider what type of engagement ring you would like to buy first. You can chose among several opportunities like: new, second-hand, specially-designed, re-set stone(s) only. If you decide to purchase the engagement ring you should be aware of the Goldsmiths from who you intend to buy from. Our manufacture for wedding and engagement rings has over 10 years tradition and our unique wedding jewelry is famous all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland