unusual wedding rings

Unusual Wedding Rings from Goldsmiths Mitev – your Specialist and Manufacture from Germany!
Since 2004 our goldsmiths are producing high quality andĀ Unusual Wedding Rings for our customers all over Europe. You may find it useful to take a photograph or make a sketch of your engagement and wedding rings. After your order don’t forget to note any inscriptions, hallmarks, number of stones and the setting. Keep receipts for the rings in the event of an insurance claim.

Clean your engagement and wedding bands before the wedding ceremony. Rings should be regularly checked for any loose stones and professionally cleaned from time to time e.g. every two years. Consider the type of wedding ring you will wear. The size of your hand and fingers should also influence your choice. If you have your own ideas how your wedding bands should look like, please send us some sketches or outlines and will make you a great offer. Until the end of this month you get 5% discount of all platinum rings