vintage wedding rings

Vintage Wedding Rings for Your Dream Wedding
Wedding ceremonies in vintage style are very popular in Europe as well as in the United States last years. As a part of that new trend Goldsmiths Mitev from Germany forged their new collection Vintage Wedding Rings especially for our new customers. Don’t waste your time looking for expensive wedding bands and check out what we get in our online store for wedding jewelry. Vintage doesn’t mean old anymore, it means that you plan to organize your wedding in a new different style

There are some other tips about preparing your wedding in Vintage Style
Accessories, ascertain what accessories each one already owns, which ones will need to be purchased or hired and who will pay. Buy some Vintage shoes in color to match or tone with the dresses. It Is possible to have plain white satin Vintage shoes dyed. Comfortable, non-slip, with size of heels to complement the style of dresses and height of each bridesmaid. Your petticoat, stockings or tights and the rest of the wedding jewelry could be Vintage as well