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Wedding Organizer and Main Guide

As well as keeping checklists of all the details of your wedding plans, you will need an overall timetable of what to do when, so that everything is planned in good time and nothing gets forgotten. Sort out all the big questions first – date and time, venue of service and reception – then move onto the smaller details once you have worked out the basic framework.

5-6 months before your wedding you will need to decide when and where you are going to get married, and book up the church or registry office, minister or registrar, reception and caterers. You will also need to book a photographer, someone to video the proceedings, cars and other transport to the service and reception and away from the reception. This is especially important to arrange early if you are getting married in the summer, when many professional firms are booked solid months in advance. Decide where you are going for your honeymoon and make all the necessary travel arrangements. Decide also where you are going to live; if you will be buying a place of your own start looking immediately and try to get the purchase sorted out as soon as possible. Decide on who you want to take part in your wedding, such as best man, bridesmaids, ushers and other attendants, and check that your chosen date is available for them.

3-4 months before your wedding start refining some of the details. Decide on what you are both going to wear, and if possible obtain the outfits well in advance. Choose clothes for the attendants as well and buy them or make arrangements for hiring or having them made up in good time for the big day. Plan and order your wedding stationery – this will also involve settling the details of your order of service so that these can be printed. Choose the food and wine for your reception, and detail people to help if you will be doing your own catering or having it done by friends. Order the cake or make it yourself; the taste will be all the better for having matured for a few months. Book a venue for an evening party if you are having one, and any entertainment that will be needed there or at the reception. Choose your flowers for the bride, bridesmaids, church and reception, and buttonholes; discuss these with the florist and order them well in advance. If you haven’t yet got your wedding rings, now is the time to buy them. Visit your family planning clinic if necessary.

2 months before your wedding, compile a guest list and send out the invitations, and also a gift list if you will be circulating one to all the guests. Check the final details of banns, service, fees, bell ringing, choir, etc., with the minister or registrar, and ensure that everything is arranged on the music side. Choose presents for your attendants and buy or make them, and look for going-away outfits for both of you. Obtain your marriage licence. Finalise plans for your honeymoon and new house. See whether any of your guests will need accommodation, and if so arrange it for them.

Wedding Planning Guide and Check Lists

Pre-wedding parties for bride and groom if you are having them. 1 month before your wedding check the fit of clothes for yourselves and attendants so that there is time for any adjustments. Visit your hairdresser with your headdress and plan your hairstyle; book up an appointment on the day if necessary. Book any beauty treatments you will be having. Tell the caterers the exact number of guests you will be having, and buy cakeboxes If you will need them for sending wedding cake to people who couldn’t attend. Order currency, travellers’ cheques, etc., for your honeymoon, and ensure that you both have valid passports. If not, obtain visitors’ versions! Inform banks, building societies, clubs, professional organisations, etc., of your change of address and marital status – and name, for the bride. Submit an announcement to the local paper if you want them to carry the news of your wedding. Write as many thankyou notes for presents as possible.

The week before your wedding check over all the arrangements for catering, cake, photographs, video, travelling, honeymoon, etc. Pack your cases for your honeymoon and check all your documents. Double-check arrangements with florists and hairdressers, and with car-hire firms. Ensure that you have your orders of service, any hired clothes, etc., ready. Arrange for someone to have supplies of tea, coffee, milk, bread, etc., in your new house when you return. Have a wedding rehearsal and any pre-wedding parties you have planned. Attend your beauty salon, etc., so that you look your best on the day. The day before your wedding double-check all your arrangements. Look at clothes, accessories, honeymoon packing, documents for wedding and honeymoon, orders of service, cake, catering, flowers, hairdressing appointments, transport, rings, foreign currency, passports, marriage licence, etc. Then relax with a good book or take a long walk!

Timetables at Your Personal Wedding Planner

Use these examples tables to plan the lead-up to your own wedding; fill in the arrangements you need to make, and tick them off as they are done.
5-6 months before the wedding: months …… and …………………………
3-4 months before the wedding: months …… and …………………………
2 months before the wedding: month ……………………………………….
1 month before the wedding: month ……………………………………….
1 week before the wedding: date …………………………………………..
Day before the wedding: date …………………………………………..

Wedding Presents Guide and Gift Lists

Traditionally presents are given to the couple getting married to help them set up their own home together. Consequently, wedding presents are often practical household items – this is the tradition in many countries throughout the world. It is often sensible to compile a list of the items that you are in need of in your new home, or that would make appropriate wedding presents. If you want an item that is a specific brand or colour it is important to make this clear so that everyone knows where they stand. Remember to include items at many different price levels so that there is something that everyone can afford. There are various ways of distributing the gift list before a wedding. One is to photocopy a list such as the one overleaf and distribute it to all the guests, asking them to cross off the item that they will be buying and return it to the bride. Another way is to send round just one master list for people to choose from; they can cross off the chosen item and then return the list to the bride or send it on to the next person on the guest list, which could be attached. A third way is to choose a shop within easy reach of most of the guests and compile a list there; the shop will then hold the list for you, and anyone wishing to buy a present can enquire there and choose from the items the couple have selected. A fourth way is for the bride to hold the list and wait for people to enquire; she can then suggest two or three possible options, suiting them to the guest’s circumstances and pocket. At high-class Japanese weddings the gifts can include substantial pieces of furniture such as beds, tables, screens and chests. These and the smaller gifts used to be carried through the streets by long lines of bearers.

Alternative Wedding Presents Guide

Household items are not the only kind of wedding presents that are acceptable. Often when the couple has already acquired a good deal of household equipment they will not need much in this line; then they may suggest to guests they give presents that are decorative or beautiful, such as prints, vases, ornaments, etc. There is nothing wrong in suggesting unusual wedding gifts to guests, such as plants for the garden, utensils and recipe books for gourmet cooking, books on a favourite subject. If a guest has a particular talent you might suggest that they make or do something for you instead, such as service your car, make your wedding dress, carve you a name plaque, sing at your wedding, plant your vegetable patch. Many people would prefer to feel that they have been able to give something that is a little more personal than a shop-bought gift.

Thank you Notes for the Wedding Presents Guide

It can be a bit of a nightmare keeping tabs on just who has given what present, especially if many of the presents only arrive on the day and may have separated from their gift labels by the time you return from honeymoon! Start a log-book as soon as the first present arrives and list the gift and the giver; leave a column at the end to tick when a thank you has been sent. It is proper to thank everyone in writing, even though it can seem a chore at the time. Do all the thank you notes you can before the day itself, then the remaining ones will not seem such a daunting task. Some couples have special thank you notes printed; these can be very attractive, but do try and add a personal note to each one to show that the present really has been appreciated. In Venice, brides used to be expected to provide all of the furniture for the new house; if this was impossible she had to provide at least the bedroom furniture – a bed of walnut wood, six chairs, two chests of drawers, and a looking glass.

Step-by-step Guide and Check Lists to Plan Your Wedding on Time

□ Produce a schedule with the suggested columns
□ Consider whether you wish to make a formal announcement
• national newspaper
• local newspaper
• at a party or celebration
□ Prepare the newspaper announcement
□ Purchase party invitations
□ Decide whether you wish to have an engagement portrait
□ Prepare an engagement gift list
□ Consider where you will store the gifts
□ Write thank-you letters for gifts

6-12 Months Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Decide whether you wish to have a church wedding, a civil ceremony or marry abroad
□ Decide on preference for date and time of ceremony
□ Decide if you wish to have a Service of Blessing
□ Consider the number of guests, style of wedding and reception
□ Prepare a provisional budget
□ Arrange a loan, if required
□ Make an appointment to see the officiant to book church ceremony
□ Make an appointment to see the officiant to book Service of Blessing
□ Arrange approved premises for civil ceremony or civil formation
□ See the Superintendent Registrar or Civil Partnership Officer to provisionally book the civil ceremony. This can be arranged up to 12 months in advance.
□ Give notice of intended marriage or civil formation at appropriate register office(s)
□ Make arrangements for marrying abroad
□ Choose best man, bridesmaids, pageboys, ushers and witnesses
□ Advise attendants of their respective duties
□ Arrange the reception venue
□ Arrange marquee
□ Arrange Professional caterers
□ Arrange entertainment
□ Decide on the colour scheme of the wedding or ceremony
□ Plan clothes for bride, especially if the dress is being made (Bride)
□ Plan clothes for groom and the other men in the wedding party (Groom)
□ Plan clothes for attendants, especially if any outfits are being made
□ Book dressmaker and choose pattern(s) and fabric(s) (Bride)
□ Choose a milliner and shoemaker (Bride)
□ Decide upon your honeymoon destination
□ Book the honeymoon and arrange travel insurance
□ Book florist
□ Book Professional photographer and videographer
□ Arrange transport for wedding day and going-away
□ Compose the guest list and have some names in reserve
□ Draw up a separate list for additional evening guests
□ Consider wedding gift options
□ Consider taking out an insurance policy to cover possible disasters
□ Consider whether you wish to have a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up


5 Months Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Meet the officiant to discuss arrangements for the church ceremony, particularly the order of Service
□ Meet the Organist to discuss the music
□ Book musicians and singers to perform during the ceremony
□ Order wedding invitations (one per couple or family)
□ Order printed order of Service sheets (one for each guest, officiant, organist and each member of the choir, pius mementoes)
□ Identify items for your wedding gift list

4 Months Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Buy the wedding rings and arrange insurance cover
□ Obtain dates when the banns will be published
□ Arrange for the banns to be published in groom’s church if different to the bride’s church
□ Buy dress/headdress or outfit/hat if not being made or hired (Bride)
□ Arrange to hire or purchase clothes and accessories for the groom and the other men in the wedding party (Groom)

3 Months Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Advise reception venue or caterers of details regarding food, drink and approximate number of guests
□ Book any required staff (toastmaster, cloakroom attendants, etc.)
□ Order the wedding cake or make your own
□ Register with store or online provider for gift or charity pledges
□ Prepare a wedding gift list or information pack
□ Prepare a map to send out with invitations and to have available after the ceremony. Show
location of the ceremony, reception venue, car parking and stations, with a suggested route from the ceremony to the reception
□ Plan your beauty regime (Bride)
□ Check that existing passports are in order and arrange a new passport in married name, if
required (Bride)
□ Find out about any inoculations and visas required for the honeymoon
□ Visit your doctor or family planning clinic for a check-up and advice (Bride)

2 Months Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Finalize the guest list
□ Send out invitations at least six weeks before the wedding and list acceptances and refusals as they arrive.
□ Acknowledge invitation replies and include a wedding gift list or information pack, the map and, where appropriate, a list of nearby hotels and guesthouses with prices
□ Write thank-you letters for gifts or donations as they arrive and record details
□ Order wedding stationery, balloons, bridal favours, crackers, etc.
□ If self-catering, make detailed plans and begin cooking for the freezer
□ Purchase gift for the bride (Groom) and groom (Bride)
□ Purchase gifts for the best man and attendants
□ Book accommodation for your wedding night
□ Choose and buy your shoes, underwear and accessories (Bride)
□ Buy going-away outfits, clothes and luggage for the honeymoon

4 Weeks Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Check bookings for the ceremony, florist, photographer, video Company, transport, reception venue, entertainment and the wedding cake
□ Agree a date with the officiant for the wedding rehearsal and notify all the people concerned
□ Arrange final fitting of wedding dress (wear appropriate underwear and shoes) (Bride)
□ Arrange appointment for final fitting of bridesmaids’ and pageboys’ outfits
□ Make arrangements for the wedding report to appear in newspaper
□ Discuss with attendants where they will dress on the wedding day
□ Visit hairdresser with your veil and headdress and discuss hairstyle (Bride)
□ Make an appointment with your hairdresser for the wedding day (Bride)
□ Practice your wedding day make-up (Bride)
□ Arrange any pre-wedding parties and the stag and hen parties
□ Arrange hospitality and transport for any out-of-town guests
□ Check the honeymoon arrangements and tickets
□ Make arrangements for pets with neighbours or boarding out
□ Arrange any necessary inoculations and medicines

3 Weeks Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Chase up any outstanding invitation replies and finalize the guest list
□ Prepare the seating plan and place name cards
□ Order currency and travellers’ cheques for the honeymoon
□ Prepare speech for the reception (Groom)

2 Weeks Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Inform the reception venue or caterers of final number of guests
□ Arrange appointments with the photographer and videographer to finalize the arrangements
□ Advise the florist of final number of buttonholes required
□ Apply the icing if you have made your own cake
□ Have engagement ring cleaned (Bride)
□ Check that the bride’s father and best man have prepared their speeches

1 Week Before the Wedding: Check List and Guide

□ Check arrangements for the reception, advise final numbers and any special dietary requirements
□ Make final check on arrangements for the flowers, transport, caterers and entertainment
□ Decorate the cake or arrange to view it at Professional bakers
□ Hold the wedding rehearsal with all attendants (church only)
□ Send announcement to the newspaper and make arrangements for report and photograph to be sent to the newspaper after the wedding
□ Wrap gifts for attendants and plan when to give them
□ Attend meetings with the photographer and videographer to finalize the arrangements
□ Collect banns certificate from groom’s officiant and pay fees
□ Produce a list of the family and any guests who are to be personally escorted to their seats and any special seating arrangements at the ceremony
□ Ensure all attendants know their duties, timings and venues
□ Final check on clothing and try on whole outfit (Bride)
□ Wear in wedding shoes at home (Bride)
□ Attend final dress fitting of your attendants’ clothes (Bride)
□ Make arrangements for the return of any hired items
□ Attend appointment with hairdresser (Bride)
□ Have hair cut (Groom)
□ Hold stag and hen parties
□ Start assembling items for the honeymoon and do any last minute shopping
□ Make final check on the honeymoon arrangements
□ Deliver order of service sheets to church for officiant, organist and choir if not being collected by the chief usher on the wedding day
□ Check that car has petrol, oil and water and is in good working order if you plan to use it for going away or the honeymoon (Groom)


2/3 Days Before the Wedding Check List and Guide

□ Plan schedule for the wedding day with timings
□ Collect any hired items of clothing and accessories
□ Give the best man cash for church, Registrar’s or Civil Partnership Officer’s fees and tips on the day, plus a spare set of keys for the going-away car (Groom)
□ Collect currency and travellers’ cheques

1 Day Before the Wedding Check List and Guide

□ Continue preparations if self-catering, de-frost food and do last-minute shopping for perishables assemble all equipment and glassware, chill wine, etc. arrange furniture, lay tables and set up wedding gift table
□ Assemble the cake for reception at home or deliver to venue
□ Arrange display of wedding gifts at the reception
□ Pack going-away clothes and have suitcase taken to reception venue
□ Complete packing clothes for the honeymoon and assemble all tickets, passports and documents. Ensure luggage is at appropriate place of departure for the honeymoon
□ Check that the going-away car is at the reception
□ Hand gifts to the best man and attendants
□ Have money available for tips and gratuities (Groom)
□ Lay out wedding dress or outfit, accessories and jewellery (Bride)
□ Assemble make-up, tissues, safety pins, etc. (Bride)
□ Have manicure and pedicure (Bride)
□ Wash hair if not going to hairdresser (Bride)
□ Relax and have an early night

On the Wedding Day (Bride): Check List and Guide

□ Shower or bath
□ Try to eat a substantial breakfast
□ Wash hair (delete as appropriate)
□ Leave for hairdresser (delete as appropriate)
□ Apply make-up (after washing hair or going to hairdresser)
□ Polish fingernails or repair as necessary
□ Best man arrives to collect your honeymoon luggage and any greetings cards, emails or tele messages to be read out at reception
□ Chief usher to collect buttonholes, order of Service sheets and maps
□ Bridesmaids and pageboys to arrive
□ Put on dress, veil and headdress or outfit and hat
□ Photographer arrives
□ Videographer arrives
□ Car(s) arrive
□ Arrive for the ceremony 10 minutes before it begins (civil ceremony only)
□ Ceremony begins
□ Photographs
□ Reception receiving line
□ Meal begins
□ Speeches
□ Evening reception begins
□ Change into going-away outfit
□ Leave for overnight destination or honeymoon

On the Wedding Day (Groom): Check List and Guide

□ Shower or bath
□ Dress
□ Have speech available
□ Meet the best man
□ Check on rings and fees
□ Arrive at the church, register office or approved premises 20 minutes before the ceremony begins
□ Ceremony begins
□ Photographs
□ Reception receiving line
□ Meal begins
□ Speeches
□ Evening reception begins
□ Change into going-away outfit
□ Leave for overnight destination or honeymoon

More Information for How to use our Wedding Guide and Check Lists Properly

You’ve taken the decision to have a wedding ceremony and now you want to get on with planning your big day. This guide helps you get started with wish lists, budget planners and the vital timetable. Once you start looking at venues and researching suppliers, this wedding planner gives you lots of money-saving tips and other useful advice, to ensure all will go smoothly.
Then it pops a question, choosing engagement rings and celebrating your decision. To start you thinking about how you want to shape your big day, The Planner tells you how to create a wish list, to help you decide on the style of wedding you want.

Budgeting Guide

Once you have decided on the various elements of your wedding, and bearing in mind all the essentials in the Countdown timetable, you should then turn to the Budget Planner and set a maximum budget for each of the items that will be contributing to your big day. You can write down who is responsible for obtaining the various estimates. At this point, too, with your budget in place, it’s a good idea to open a bank account specifically for your wedding. Then, later, when you have selected your venues, suppliers and products and agreed prices, you can start to fill in the final column in the Budget Plan so that you can keep a tally of what you are spending.

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