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Wedding Cake Preparation and Types – Plan my Wedding

Wedding Cake Preparation and Types – Plan my Wedding
The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception and cutting the cake is one of the traditional highlights. Your first decision is what type of wedding cake to have and whether you will make it yourself or have it Professional by made.

Refer to Checklist 30 ‘Wedding Cake’
□ Decide on your requirements
• one cake or individual ones
• type of cake (fruit, sponge or chocolate)
• number of slices required (taking into account the number of guests, number of portions to be sent out in cake boxes and whether you wish to keep a tier for Christmas or the first christening) or how many individual cakes
• configuration
– two-tiered cake 8″ and 10″ or 10″ and 12″
– three-tiered cake 6″, 8″ and 10″ or 8″, 10″ and 12″
• shape
• color and type of icing
• additional decoration
• cake-stand and knife (this may be provided by the caterers, hotel or restaurant, or can be hired from a professional bakers)

Size of cake   No. of slices (fruit cake) No. of slices (sponge cake)
13cm/5″ round 14 7
  square 16 8
15cm/6″ round 22 11
  square 27 14
18cm/7″ round 30 15
  square 40 20
20cm/8″ round 40 20
  square 54 27
23cm/9″ round 54 27
  square 70 35
25cm/10″ round 68 34
  square 90 45
27cm/11″ round 86 43
  square 112 56
30cm/12” round 100 50
  square 134 67

These figures are intended as a rough guide only and should be checked with your baker

Professionally-made Cake
□ Choose a baker
• recommendation
• good reputation
• advertisement
• website
• ask if samples of cake are available
□ Discuss your requirements in detail
Most Professional bakers have a selection of color photographs of cake designs
□ Decide whether you wish to collect the cake or have it delivered
□ Ascertain the total cost, amount of deposit and delivery Charge
□ Arrange to hire a cake-stand and knife, if required
□ Arrange to see the finished cake a week before the wedding
□ Arrange for delivery to the reception venue

Home-made Cake
□ List and purchase ingredients
□ Bake cakes
Traditional wedding cake should be made at least three months before icing and decoration
□ Marzipan or almond paste (two weeks before icing)
□ Icing
□ Additional decoration
Piped flowers, bells, figures, etc. can be obtained from some specialist bakers or kitchen Utensil shops
□ Arrange to hire a cake-stand and knife, if required
□ Arrange for delivery to the reception venue

Unless someone is an accomplished after dinner Speaker or is very familiar with addressing groups of people, they may regard giving a speech an ordeal. However, with careful planning and by following a few simple guidelines any fears should soon be allayed.

There are three main purposes of wedding speeches – to congratulate the couple by wishing them every happiness in their life together, to thank the appropriate people and to propose toasts.
The speeches are given after the meal and usually before the cutting of the cake. Following each toast, all guests should stand, raise their glasses, repeat the toast and drink to whoever was mentioned.



Checklist 30 Wedding Cake

Type of cake    
No. of slices or individual cakes required  
No. of tiers Size  
Color and type of icing    
Professionally-made Cake    
Email Website  
Delivery/collection date and time    
Delivery address    
Delivery Charge £    
Cake stand and knife Cost £  
Total cost £    
Deposit £ Date paid  
Balance £ Date paid  
Home-made Cake    
Cakes made  
Almond paste  
Date of delivery to reception Time
Cake stand and knife Cost £
Total cost £  

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