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Wedding Ideas – Controls and Consanguinity by Marriage

Marriage controls and consanguinity
There are still strict controls in England and Wales on who may and may not
marry. These are the controls as they stand at present.
• People under 16 years of age may not marry.
• If a person over 16 but under 18 wishes to marry, consent must be obtained from the parents or other lawful guardians or guardian.
• No person who is already married to a living spouse can marry someone else; if they do so the second marriage is invalid.
• No person who is going through a divorce may marry until the decree absolute has been granted.
• The two people wishing to marry must be male and female respectively.
• Both of the people getting married must be acting by their own consent.
• Both of the people getting married must be of sufficiently sound mind to understand the nature of a marriage contract.

You may not marry your:
• mother
• adoptive mother former adoptive mother father
• adoptive or former adoptive father daughter
• adoptive or former adoptive daughter son
• adoptive or former adoptive son
• father’s mother
• father’s father
• mother’s mother
• mother’s father
• son’s daughter
• son’s son
• daughter’s daughter, daughter’s son, sister brother wife’s mother husband’s father wife’s daughter husband’s son father’s wife mother’s husband son’s wife
• daughter’s husband father’s father’s wife father’s mother’s husband mother’s father’s wife mother’s mother’s husband wife’s father’s mother husband’s father’s father wife’s mother’s mother husband’s father’s father wife’s son’s daughter husband’s son’s son wife’s daughter’s daughter husband’s daughter’s son son’s son wife son’s daughter’s husband daughter’s son’s wife daughter’s daughter’s husband father’s sister father’s brother mother’s sister mother’s brother brother’s daughter brother’s son sister’s daughter sister’s son
• Among a tribe in the Philippines, people breaking the taboos of consanguinity were traditionally killed and eaten.
• Islam forbids marriage between foster-relations.

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