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Aug 28

Wedding Ideas – Marriage and the law in different Locations

Scotland – different Locations marriage  Gretna Green has over the years acquired an aura associating it with runaway marriages and elopements, as it is the first place over the Scottish border and Scotland’s regulations on marriage are not as restrictive as those of England and Wales. Scotland was outside the scope of the 1754 Marriage Act that governed the other countries; at one time it was possible to marry in Scotland simply by a declaration before two witnesses, but their laws have now been tightened up considerably and are bound by the Marriage (Scotland) Act of 1977. You may marry in Scotland provided that you are 16 or over; (more…)

Aug 27

Wedding Ideas – Specific Responsibilities before the Marriage

Specific marriage responsibilities In a large, formal wedding; everyone in the wedding party has specific tasks. These tasks will vary according to the details of your wedding, but here are some basic guidelines.

Bride Buys the groom’s ring if he is having one Holds the bride’s party (or hen party) if she is having one May buy presents for her parents Plans and selects her own dress and accessories and those of the bridesmaids Chooses a going-away outfit Prepares a gift list Writes thank you notes for gifts received Makes arrangements for the cake (more…)

Jul 13

Wedding Ideas – Controls and Consanguinity by Marriage

Marriage controls and consanguinity There are still strict controls in England and Wales on who may and may not marry. These are the controls as they stand at present. • People under 16 years of age may not marry. • If a person over 16 but under 18 wishes to marry, consent must be obtained from the parents or other lawful guardians or guardian. • No person who is already married to a living spouse can marry someone else; if they do so the second marriage is invalid. • No person who is going through a divorce may marry until the decree absolute has been granted. • The two people wishing to marry must be male and female respectively. (more…)

Jun 28

Wedding Ideas – Marriage and the Law

Legal Requirements – Law and Marriage Who may many whom is an issue that is important in most civilizations the world over. Some traditions are keen to keep the purity of the race unsullied; in these cases it may be illegal, or unpopular, to marry someone outside your own tribe, race, caste or even family. We can see the legacy of this idea in royal marriages; in most countries with royal families there is a restriction on whom the monarch or heir to the throne may or may not marry. In other traditions the laws are concerned with preventing inbreeding, and in these cases it is illegal to marry someone who is closely related. These are called the laws of consanguinity. In England in the 14th century the laws of consanguinity were so complex that it was a veritable minefield trying to find someone that you could marry. (more…)

Jun 26

Wedding Ideas – Preparing your marriage

Thinking ahead – marriage preparation What are your expectations of marriage? Or haven’t you thought that far? It may be that you are caught up with the mechanics of your actual wedding day, and it may be difficult to look beyond that to your marriage itself. But remember that your wedding day should only be the start; it is the marriage itself that will take the time, the effort, the planning. You are two very different people coming together to live permanently under the same roof, and it is unrealistic to expect that everything will fall perfectly into place immediately the register is signed. It is well worth taking the time now, during your engagement, to look ahead to your marriage and to try and sidestep some of the common pitfalls. (more…)