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Wedding Ideas – Specific Responsibilities before the Marriage

Specific marriage responsibilities
In a large, formal wedding; everyone in the wedding party has specific tasks. These tasks will vary according to the details of your wedding, but here are some basic guidelines.

Buys the groom’s ring if he is having one
Holds the bride’s party (or hen party)
if she is having one
May buy presents for her parents
Plans and selects her own dress and
accessories and those of the bridesmaids
Chooses a going-away outfit Prepares a gift list Writes thank you notes for gifts received
Makes arrangements for the cake
Her part in the wedding ceremony is to arrive at the church on time, go down the aisle on her father’s arm, be married, sign the register, then leave with her husband.

Plans clothes for himself and the other men
Checks all the legal and practical details of the wedding
His part in the wedding ceremony is to be waiting at the church for the bride, be married, sign the register, then leave with his wife. He will also need to make a speech at the reception.

Bride’s mother
Makes out the guest list (in
consultation with the groom’s family)
Sends out the invitations
Keeps a note of replies
Helps to keep a note of gifts as they
arrive, and may make a display of
them at her home
May organise the photographs, and
take orders afterwards
Helps in arrangements for the cake
Sends out pieces of cake to those
who were not able to come to the

The bride’s mother traditionally helps the bride to fix the veil (if one is being worn!) before she leaves for the church. She is escorted to her seat, then joins the bridal party for the signing of the register after the marriage. She leaves the church on the arm of the groom’s father.

Bride’s father
Travels to the church with the bride, then escorts her down the aisle. He gives her away at the appropriate part of the service, witnesses the signing of the register, then leaves the church escorting the groom’s mother.

Best man
Arranges the stag night Instructs the ushers on what to do and when
Checks ail the practical arrangements for the day, eg flowers, orders of service, rings, licences, fees Ensures that the groom has all the documentation that he needs Checks that all the fees are paid before or after the service Arranges transport from the service to the reception
Accompanies or drives the groom to the church in good time for the wedding
May act as master of ceremonies at the reception
Gives a speech replying to the toast to the bridesmaids Reads out any telegrams or important cards (and vets them first for embarrassing references…)
Makes sure that there is a private place for the bride and groom to change
Checks that transport for the honeymoon is in order Takes charge of the groom’s clothes when he has changed
The best man’s duties during the ceremony are to be at the front of the church with the groom, to hand over the rings at the appropriate point, to witness the signing of the register, and to escort the chief bridesmaid from the church.

Chief bridesmaid
Helps the bride to dress on the
wedding morning
Checks that the bride’s going away
outfit, etc, travel safely to the reception
Carries emergency supplies for the bride, such as a handkerchief, spare pair of tights, sticking plaster, ‘touch- up’ make-up
Takes charge of any young attendants during service and reception Checks that the bride looks her best before she enters the church Takes charge of the bride’s dress after she has changed at the reception
The chief bridesmaid arrives at the church just before the bride, checks that the other attendants know what to do, then goes down the aisle just behind the bride. She takes the bride’s bouquet at the front of the church, and may help her to pull back her veil. She witnesses the signing of the register, then leaves the church on the arm of the best man.

Show guests arriving at the church where to sit
Hand out orders of service to guests Ensure that the minister has orders of service at the front for the wedding party
Escort the bride’s mother to her seat Help the best man to ensure that all guests have transport to the reception

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