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Jul 03

How to find appropriate Flower girls dresses – ideas for wedding

Wedding flower girls If you have a very small sister, niece, cousin, etc, you may want to have her in your wedding party as a flower girl. This role could be purely decorative – she could be chosen just to look pretty and add some variety to the attendants – or you could detail her to precede the bride down the aisle scattering flower petals or confetti. (more…)

Jul 02

The Important Countdown Timetable – Wedding Planner

The Important Countdown Timetable 12 months to go • Check legal implications of a civil partnership • Create a wish list • Celebrate your decision – organize the engagement party • Set a maximum budget • Work out a timetable • Consider using a wedding planner (more…)

Jul 02

How to find appropriate pageboys outfits – ideas for wedding

Pageboys outfits These styles show a selection of the outfits that could be chosen for a pageboy or pageboys., 1 Velvet jacket and grey trousers with bow tie. 2 Morning suit complete with wing collar and top hat. 3 Traditional velvet knickerbocker suit. 4 Formal suit with striped trousers and waistcoat. 5 Bellhop’s outfit. (more…)

Jul 01

Pay special attention to the wedding cake – ancient tradition and cultures

Wedding cake Wedding cakes are a very ancient tradition in many cultures. The Romans ate a ‘cake’ baked from wheat flour, salt and water as the marriage contract was performed, and tribes such as the Iroquois Indians and the Fiji Islanders have long traditions of the bride offering a cake to her new husband. In this country the Roman type of cake gave way to a spiced bread or biscuit, and by Tudor times sugar, eggs and fruit were added to make a mixture more similar to the rich fruit cake we know today. (more…)

Jun 30

How and where to find pretty flowers for your wedding day – wedding organizer

Wedding flowers Flowers have played a part in countless weddings throughout the centuries, and a wedding wouldn’t really feel complete without them. In ancient Roman and Anglo-Saxon wedding ceremonies both the bride and the groom wore garlands, and in the Middle Ages children strewed flowers in the path of the bride as she emerged from the church – this is the origin of our tradition of the flower girl. In early rural weddings in this country the bridal wreath often consisted of ears of corn or wheat, signifying plenty and fertility, and in some traditions the bride still carries ears of grain in her bouquet. (more…)

Jun 29

Find appropriate bridesmaids dresses – ideas for wedding

Bridesmaids dresses White pantaloons and a mob cap, but this would not look so good on a 35-year-old matron of honour! Similarly, low-necked off-the-shoulder dresses look fine on older bridesmaids with good figures but would look inappropriate on small girls. (more…)

Jun 28

Floral headdresses and flowers at the wedding – wedding organizer

Headdresses wedding Flowers are very attractive as headdresses for your wedding; they can be used in many different ways, from single blooms to entire garlands. The flowers may be real or imitation; if you want to use real flowers in your hair on the day check the details with the florist when you order your bouquet. 1 White side comb holding trailing strands of tiny flowers. 2 Circlet of white and colored flowers round a topknot. 3 Exotic-looking wreath of large net flowers and leaves. (more…)