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Aug 28

The good drinks are essential at every wedding – wedding event planner

Wedding drinks Once you have decided what you are going to eat at your reception, you will need to decide what you are going to have to drink. Choose the drinks to fit in to the general style and formality of the occasion, just as the food should. (more…)

Aug 22

Book travel arrangements for the honeymoon after the wedding

Honeymoon travel Your travel arrangements will need to be very carefully thought out, especially if you have a specific plane, train or boat that you need to catch after the reception. Be realistic about the time that you will be able to get ¿way from the reception, and also make realistic assessments of how long it will take you to get to your destination, remembering that you will both be tired. (more…)

Aug 20

Thankyous after the return from honeymoon to your wedding guests

When you return from honeymoon there will be lots to sort out, but don’t neglect any extra wedding thankyous that are needed. Of course there will probably be quite a few thankyou notes for wedding presents that arrived on the day itself and couldn’t be incorporated into the pre-wedding arrangements, but there may also be some people to whom you want to say a special thank you. For instance, it will be nice for both sets of parents to have a written appreciation of their help and support through the hectic wedding plans and on the day; you might even care to send a bouquet or a little present to them. It will also be nice for your bridesmaids, best man and any other attendants to receive a written thankyou. For all these people it will be nice to have a good enlargement of one of your best wedding photographs, perhaps in a special frame, for them to put in a position of prominence! (more…)

Aug 20

Where and how to organize the wedding reception – wedding preparation

Choosing the right time, place and atmosphere for your wedding reception will help to ensure that your wedding celebrations are conducted to your entire satisfaction! Put a lot of thought into the details of your reception; it will not be wasted time, and will help to guarantee that on the day everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. (more…)

Aug 18

Transport service and reception on the wedding day – plan my wedding

Transport to and from the service and wedding reception is one of the finishing touches to your wedding. You may have always dreamed of arriving in a white Rolls-Royce, or leaving your reception in a hot air balloon; now is the time to make your dreams come true, provided cash is no problem! (more…)

Aug 16

Packing and preparations for your honeymoon after the wedding

Honeymoon preparations It’s easy to neglect preparations for your honeymoon in the rush of preparations for the wedding day itself, but most of your packing can be done well in advance, with just the addition of last-minute things such as washing kits and money at the end. While there is plenty of time, think out carefully the kind of things you will need and begin assembling them, and this will save you a lot of headaches when the pressure is on. (more…)

Aug 14

Buying a house or a place to live after the wedding day

House after wedding These days more and more young couples are buying their own homes either before or when they get married, and many building firms are producing small homes that are an ideal size for young married couples who don’t want too much space or garden to look after. A home of your own will give you a foothold in the property market as well as providing a place that feels as though it is truly yours, but of course it is also an expensive business. (more…)

Aug 12

Looking your best on your wedding day – ideas for wedding

Needless to say, on your wedding day you will want to look your very best, with all your good points emphasised and your weaker points played down. Go over in your mind each aspect of your appearance – weight, complexion, hair, make-up, etc – and think it through in the light of how you want to look on your wedding day. (more…)

Aug 11

Wedding Ideas – Thinking about Family, Money, Leisure and Sex

Family Do I get on with my partner’s parents and family? Does my partner get on with my parents and family? Are there any areas of friction? if so, what can we do about them? Do We come from similar social backgrounds? If not, is this a problem? Or could it become one? Do we have similar attitudes to family get-togethers? Is either of us too dependent on our own family? How often will we expect to see our families after our marriage? How often will they expect to see us? Will I be tempted to put my family before my marriage? Are our family situations similar or different? (For instance, the number of children in the family, attitudes to money, etc.) If so, is this going to be a problem? (more…)

Aug 10

Wedding Ideas – the Rules of Love

The art of love During the 12th century one Andreas Capellanus (‘Andrew the Chaplain’) wrote a treatise in Latin called the Art of Loving. In it he laid down 31 rules of love; no-one is quite sure whether they were to be taken seriously or whether they were tongue-in-cheek! However, here they are. (more…)