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Alternative for Expensive Gold or Platinum Wedding Rings

Substitute for expensive gold or platinum wedding rings
Advances in the jewellery industry have been made over time. The assortment of jewellery is increasing. Even gold and platinum 950 engagement and wedding rings have been replaced by the promise ring. For those who aren’t able to afford the classic engagement or wedding ring, the promise ring is the best decision. They are worn by couples of all ages and have different forms. There are models lady’s rings made from titanium, stainless steel, and even ceramic. There are sometimes even lady’s rings made of gold 8carat 333, but these are more expensive. Even couples who are spiritually rather than legally connected have a great affection for promise rings because they symbolise the romantic relationship.

Lady’s rings – with or without diamonds?
Promise lady’s rings can be selected just like wedding rings. Wedding rings for men usually are not set with a diamond, but wedding rings for women often contain a precious gemstone or cubic zirconia. The choice of precious stones various with taste and budget. Zirconia is popular because they look like diamonds but are less expensive. However, Zirconia is somewhat more fragile and must often be replaced. Nevertheless when you order wedding or other diamond rings from we will set them only with real diamonds and no zirconia.

How are lady’s rings currently chosen?
In selecting a promise lady’s ring, not only are personal taste and budget a factor, but also the occasion. If the couple is at the beginning of the relationship, price and design are important. If the couple have been together longer and are prepared to show that they wish to spend their lives together, the comfort and the material play an integral role. In this case, a promise ring is a good replacement for a gold or platinum 950 wedding ring.

As with wedding rings, it is also possible to engrave promise lady’s rings. The promise ring can be especially engraved for your significant other to symbolise the individual occasion. Engraving can be done at no additional cost.

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