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Sep 20

The Best Clothes for the Bride – Ideas for Wedding

The Best Clothes for the Bride – Bride Clothes Your dress will be an important focal point of the day whether you have a church or civil wedding, and you will want to feel confident and radiant. A formal, long dress is equally suitable for a church or civil ceremony, although many brides prefer to (more…)

Sep 16

Speeches Toasts New Ideas and Preparation – Plan my Wedding

Speeches Toasts New Ideas and Preparation – Plan my Wedding Usually three speeches are given – by the giver-away of the bride, the bridegroom and the best man – and these include the toasts. Although there is no need for the bride to make a speech, she may wish to say a few words. In which case, she would (more…)

Sep 08

Choose Clothes for the Flower Girl – Ideas for Wedding

Choose Clothes for the Flower Girl – Ideas for Wedding The flower girl is usually very young and her mother will get involved in the decision-making. It may be advisable not to have her dress made too early, as late alterations will almost certainly be necessary to take account of her growing. The (more…)

Aug 24

The Honeymoon Planning and Some Great Offers – Plan my Wedding

The Honeymoon Planning and Some Great Offers – Plan my Wedding After all the planning, tension and hard work, it’s time for you both to get away from it all and relax. It’s the perfect way to reward yourselves and the first chance you’ll get to spend some time together as man and wife away from your families and (more…)

Aug 14

A Wedding proposal at the right moment

Which gold engagement ring is the most fitting – wedding proposal The engagement ring is something special and differs from other rings. This ring is a symbol of your future lives together. Because you are surprising your beloved with a marriage proposal, the ring should be something special. So the answer will of course be “yes”!

First of all, you need to place great value on the material. If you choose gold, it should be at least 14-karat gold 585. Even better is 18-karat white or yellow gold 750. In some countries such India, anything less than 18 or 22-karat yellow gold is simply unacceptable.

Second, you must consider that many women value the beauty of precious stones such as diamonds. The engagement ring can be set with more than one brilliant. Of course, the gemstones chosen depend on your budget and her taste. Real diamonds are recommended. You should opt for the purest diamonds that you can afford. Other stones such as zirconia can be used. However, zirconia are more easily damaged than diamonds. (more…)

Aug 11

Wedding Ideas – Thinking about Family, Money, Leisure and Sex

Family Do I get on with my partner’s parents and family? Does my partner get on with my parents and family? Are there any areas of friction? if so, what can we do about them? Do We come from similar social backgrounds? If not, is this a problem? Or could it become one? Do we have similar attitudes to family get-togethers? Is either of us too dependent on our own family? How often will we expect to see our families after our marriage? How often will they expect to see us? Will I be tempted to put my family before my marriage? Are our family situations similar or different? (For instance, the number of children in the family, attitudes to money, etc.) If so, is this going to be a problem? (more…)

Aug 10

Wedding Ideas – the Rules of Love

The art of love During the 12th century one Andreas Capellanus (‘Andrew the Chaplain’) wrote a treatise in Latin called the Art of Loving. In it he laid down 31 rules of love; no-one is quite sure whether they were to be taken seriously or whether they were tongue-in-cheek! However, here they are. (more…)

Aug 04

Wedding Cake Preparation and Types – Plan my Wedding

Wedding Cake Preparation and Types

The wedding cake is the centrepiece of your reception and cutting the cake is one of the traditional highlights. Your first decision is what type of wedding cake to have and whether you will make it yourself or have it Professional by made. Decide on your requirements as follows: one cake or individual ones type of cake (fruit, sponge or chocolate) number of slices required (taking into account the number of guests, number of portions to be sent out in cake boxes and whether you wish to keep a tier for Christmas or the first christening) or how many individual cakes Configuration (more…)

Aug 02

Choose Clothes for the Male Attendants – Ideas for Wedding

Choose Clothes for the Male Attendants – Ideas for Wedding Liaise with the best man, bride’s father and ushers to ensure color and style co-ordination. It is important that they feel comfortable and wear an outfit that is well fitting and compatible with what the bridegroom will be wearing. (more…)

Jul 26

Entertainment at Wedding Reception – Plan my Wedding

Entertainment at Wedding Reception – Plan my Wedding Entertainment is a huge part of your wedding reception to ensure everyone enjoys the celebrations in a great party atmosphere. Whether you want a DJ, a live band or pre-recorded music, there’s great scope for letting your imagination run wild. (more…)