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Aug 20

Photographers DVD Videographers and Wedding Websites – Plan my Wedding

Photographers DVD Videographers and Wedding Websites If you think of your wedding day as a performance, you need to start booking key characters such as musicians, photographers and florists, to add color and vibrancy. Whether you want a video crew, a pink Cadillac, or a vicar in a rainbow-colored sash to (more…)

Aug 20

Invitations Guest List and Stationery Preparation – Plan my Wedding

Invitations Guest List and Stationery Preparation It is important to check the capacity of the church, register office or approved premises before deciding how many guests to invite to the ceremony and ascertain how many can be catered for at the reception. (more…)

Aug 19

Important Duties of the Best Man – Plan my Wedding

Important Duties of the Best Man The best man is chosen by the bridegroom and is usually a brother or a good friend. This responsibie role involves offering a certain amount of help with the preparations and considerable activity on the wedding day to ensure everything proceeds smoothly and is a complete success. (more…)

Aug 19

Hiring Hall or Function Room Reception – Wedding Preparation

Hiring Hall or function room will allow you more space and flexibility than holding the reception at home, whilst giving you plenty of scope to add your own personal touches. It provides the opportunity to self-cater or use professional caterers and is generally less costly than a hotel. (more…)

Aug 17

Duties of the Flower Girl and Pageboys – Plan my Wedding

Duties of the Flower Girl and Pageboys Flower girls and pageboys are usually nieces and nephews or young brothers and sisters and are generally no younger than about five nor older than nine or 10. Flower girls walk in front of the bride carrying posies of flowers or bunches of thornless roses, which they can pass out to the guests as they go. They can also scatter rose or other flower petals before the bride as (more…)

Aug 13

The Important Countdown Timetable – Wedding Planner

The Important Countdown Timetable 12 months to go • Check legal implications of a civil partnership • Create a wish list • Celebrate your decision – organize the engagement party • Set a maximum budget • Work out a timetable • Consider using a wedding planner

11 months to go • Think about themes • Choose a venue • Give notice of your Civil Partnership at your local registry office (England, Wales and Northern Ireland only) • Look at catering options

10 months to go • Send out ‘save the date’ cards • Take out wedding insurance • Sort out legal and financial administration

9 months to go • Book your honeymoon • Sort out stationery • Look into gift lists

8 months to go • Sort out catering arrangements • Book a marquee, if needed

7 months to go Book: – Photographers – Videographers – Website designers

6 months to go • Book: – Musicians – Entertainers – Toastmasters – Blessing celebrants • Order your cake • If having outfits made, visit tailor/dressmaker

5 months to go • Book: – Transport – Decorations – Flowers

4 months to go • Buy/organize: – Outfits – Accessories – Rings

3 months to go • Give notice of your Civil Partnership at your local registry office (Scotland only) • Prepare mentally and physically for the day • Send out invitations • Organize readings, speeches and roles • Prepare detailed plans for the day

2 months to go • Organize stag dos or hen nights • Sort out any necessary visas or medication for honeymoon

1 month to go • Confirm with suppliers • Confirm arrangements for honeymoon • Meet registrar • Book beauty treatments • Liaise with attendants • Practice speeches, dances, etc. • Sort out household arrangements while away

Sep 05

Dealing with presents and gifts on the wedding – view more details

Wedding presents If you are very lucky, all your guests will have sent their wedding presents In advance by post so that none at all will appear at your wedding reception, but this is becoming less and less common and many guests will probably arrive clutching small or large beribboned parcels. (more…)

Sep 04

Checklist for the best brides outfit on the wedding day – ideas for wedding

Is the wedding dress laid out flat, not hanging up? (The fabric may be so heavy that it will pull the dress out of shape if left on a hanger.)

Dress (more…)

Sep 04

Floral headdresses and flowers at the wedding – wedding organizer

Headdresses wedding Flowers are very attractive as headdresses for your wedding; they can be used in many different ways, from single blooms to entire garlands. The flowers may be real or imitation; if you want to use real flowers in your hair on the day check the details with the florist when you order your bouquet. 1 White side comb holding trailing strands of tiny flowers. 2 Circlet of white and colored flowers round a topknot. 3 Exotic-looking wreath of large net flowers and leaves. (more…)

Sep 02

Find appropriate bridesmaids dresses – ideas for wedding

Bridesmaids dresses White pantaloons and a mob cap, but this would not look so good on a 35-year-old matron of honour! Similarly, low-necked off-the-shoulder dresses look fine on older bridesmaids with good figures but would look inappropriate on small girls. (more…)