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Jul 08

Order of the Day Ceremony Name Menu Cards Table Plans – Plan my Wedding

Order of the Day Ceremony Name Menu Cards Table Plans – Plan my Wedding The order of the day sheets are generally a timetable of the event, which you either hand out when people arrive, or post ahead of time, so they know when different parts of the celebrations start. People feel more comfortable knowing what to (more…)

Jul 08

Flowers and colors on your wedding – checklists

The meaning of flowers, colors on your wedding in Victorian times the ‘language of flowers’ was an elaborate code which lovers (or suitors) used to send detailed messages to each other. Here are the meanings of some of the flowers that you may wish to include in your bouquet. Carnation fascination, love Chrysanthemum, red I love Chrysanthemum, white truth Daffodil regard Daisy innocence Flowering almond hope Fern fascination, sincerity Forget-me-not remembrance Heliotrope devotion, faithfulness Honeysuckle generosity Hyacinth, white loveliness Ivy geranium bridal flower Ivy fidelity, marriage Iris flame, my compliments Japonica, white loveliness Jasmine amiability Lemon blossom fidelity in love Lilac, white youthful innocence Lily, white purity, modesty Attendants’ flowers

Matching Wedding Bands of yellow gold – made in Germany only in our online store for jewellery (more…)

Jul 07

Find grooms and mothers clothes and choosing the best outfit – ideas for wedding

Groom’s clothes and best wedding outfit Shown here are some options for the groom’s outfit; the men of the wedding party should wear clothes of the same style and degree of formality or informality. 1 Lounge suit with waistcoat. 2 Morning suit with wing collar, stock and top hat. 3 Morning suit with ordinary collar and tie. 4 Morning suit with darker jacket and gloves. (more…)

Jul 06

Remembering your wedding day with videos and photos – plan my wedding

Wedding videos photos Of course you will have your photographs, and possibly a video film, of all stages of the wedding and reception, both formal and informal, to help you capture the flavour of every moment of your wedding day. However, there are also plenty of other ways of helping you remember the things that made the day special – the details of the preparations, the goodwill messages of your guests, scraps of fabric from the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns, and flowers from your bouquets. (more…)

Jul 06

Marrying Abroad and Service of Blessing – Wedding Preparation

Marrying Abroad and Service of Blessing – Wedding Preparation It is becoming increasingly popular to combine the wedding and honeymoon in an exotic location. The legal requirements and procedures for marriage differ from one country to another. It is, therefore, important to establish exactly what is required (more…)

Jul 05

What type of reception for the wedding guests to choose – wedding preparation

Wedding guests Once you have decided on the venue, there are numerous other details to be checked regarding your reception. Remember that you and your guests will almost certainly be at the reception far longer than you are at the service, so it is important to get everything as right as possible!

The seating is an important consideration. Are you going to have a sit-down meal? if so, is there somewhere where the guests can relax more informally and mingle more freely, both before and after the meal? Are the chairs comfortable? Are there high-chairs and cushions available for small children? (more…)

Jul 04

Choosing your honeymoon destination very carefully – wedding organizer

Honeymoon destination used to be a luxury that only the rich could afford, but gradually the custom grew for most couples to take a few days off work, and now a fortnight’s honeymoon is fairly standard for most couples. When you are planning your own honeymoon, there are various questions to be taken into consideration. (more…)

Jul 04

Dealing with presents and gifts on the wedding – view more details

Wedding presents If you are very lucky, all your guests will have sent their wedding presents In advance by post so that none at all will appear at your wedding reception, but this is becoming less and less common and many guests will probably arrive clutching small or large beribboned parcels. (more…)

Jul 03

How to find appropriate Flower girls dresses – ideas for wedding

Wedding flower girls If you have a very small sister, niece, cousin, etc, you may want to have her in your wedding party as a flower girl. This role could be purely decorative – she could be chosen just to look pretty and add some variety to the attendants – or you could detail her to precede the bride down the aisle scattering flower petals or confetti. (more…)

Jul 02

The Important Countdown Timetable – Wedding Planner

The Important Countdown Timetable 12 months to go • Check legal implications of a civil partnership • Create a wish list • Celebrate your decision – organize the engagement party • Set a maximum budget • Work out a timetable • Consider using a wedding planner (more…)