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Jul 16

Wedding ideas – setting the date and time of the wedding

Setting wedding date Setting the exact date for your wedding may require quite a lot of juggling and manoeuvring. You need to fit it in with your own personal diaries, and also to make sure that all your special guests will be able to join you on the day; you will also need to make sure that all the facilities that you want for the service, the reception and the honeymoon are available.

Personal diaries Your main priority will obviously be to choose a date when neither of you is inextricably booked up for anything else! You will need to look at your work calendars to check that you have no important appointments, and you may need to take your time off during a particular month to fit in with your colleagues at work. This is one good reason for choosing the date of your marriage early, (more…)

Jul 15

Broken engagement, cancelling or postponing the wedding

Broken engagement If the engagement is broken off before the wedding date has been set, let as many people know by word of mouth; you could also put a notice in the paper along the lines of; Mary Jones and David Smith announce that their engagement has been broken by mutual consent. If the invitations have already been sent out, the bride’s parents should send out a message of this kind: Mr and Mrs Harold Jones announce that the marriage of their daughter Mary to Mr David Smith will not now take place. If the wedding presents have been received they should be returned with a polite note from the girl or her mother. The girl may offer to return the engagement ring, and the man may or may not take up the offer. If the wedding dress has already been bought, most shops will take it back and refund the money without any difficulty; if they will not, or if the dress has been specially made, it should be possible to sell it quite easily. (more…)

Jul 14

One week to go Before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding

One week to go Before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding Things will really start to hot up in the last week – you will probably feel a heady mix of excitement and anxiety. Friends and family will probably be ringing and e-mailing to check how you are, ask final questions and offer last-minute help. You really (more…)

Jul 14

Wedding ideas – wedding service and food

Alternative receptions – wedding service The wedding service is not the only part of the wedding day that can be varied according to need and preference; the reception also offers the chance for an individual touch.

Vegetarian It is possible to produce delicious vegetarian wedding fare for a formal sit-down meal or for a buffet, but if you want to use a caterer you will probably need to look for one who specialises in vegetarian food.

Kosher There are numerous tasty traditional Kosher foods that are perfect for weddings, and your families will probably have their own favourites if they are Jewish. Non-Kosher guests are unlikely to find any difficulty over eating Kosher foods.

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Jul 13

Wedding Ideas – Controls and Consanguinity by Marriage

Marriage controls and consanguinity There are still strict controls in England and Wales on who may and may not marry. These are the controls as they stand at present. • People under 16 years of age may not marry. • If a person over 16 but under 18 wishes to marry, consent must be obtained from the parents or other lawful guardians or guardian. • No person who is already married to a living spouse can marry someone else; if they do so the second marriage is invalid. • No person who is going through a divorce may marry until the decree absolute has been granted. • The two people wishing to marry must be male and female respectively. (more…)

Jul 12

Choose Clothes for the Matron of Honour – Ideas for Wedding

Choose Clothes for the Matron of Honour – Ideas for Wedding Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the bride’s attendants’ dresses. However, increasingly these days, more attendants are offering to pay for their own clothes, especially if they can be worn again after the wedding. (more…)

Jul 11

Bridesmaids dresses – optional styles

Styles for bridesmaids dresses Bridesmaids’ dresses can come in almost any shape and color; the styles shown here are just some of the many options. 1 Formal plain satin dress with fitted bodice, puffed and gathered sleeves and gently gathered skirt. 2 Ruffled dress with sash and puffed sleeves. 3 Gingham dress with broderie anglaise apron and mob cap. 4 Ruffled and frilled dress that could be made up in a plain or printed fabric. 5 Striped dress with leg-of-mutton sleeves and square neckline. 6 White dress with sash and underskirt in a contrasting color. 7 Bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses showing how the same basic style can be adapted. The bride’s dress has flowers along the neck ruffle and skirt, and a gathered overskirt that has been caught up with ribbons. The bridesmaid’s dress has a narrower neck frill and ruffle around the skirt. 8 Dresses for two bridesmaids of very different ages, made up in two shades of peach. Both dresses have gathered and ruffled sleeves and are trimmed with lace. 9 Matching bridesmaids’ dresses in white overlaid with spotted voile; these dresses would suit bridesmaids of any age from young girls to a matron of honor.

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Jul 10

Pre-nuptial Agreements or Pre-partnership – Plan my Wedding

Pre-nuptial Agreements or Pre-partnership – Plan my Wedding A pre-nuptial or pre-partnership agreement doesn’t have any legal standing, but may be considered by a court if you find yourself in the unhappy position of dissolving the partnership. Often people want to draw up pre-nuptials to protect substantial assets. (more…)

Jul 10

Wedding ideas – grooms clothes and choosing his outfit

Grooms clothes Shown here are some options for the groom’s outfit; the men of the wedding party should wear clothes of the same style and degree of formality or informality. 1Lounge suit with waistcoat. 2Morning suit with wing collar, stock and top hat. 3Morning suit with ordinary collar and tie. 4Morning suit with darker jacket and gloves. 5Formal suit with dark jacket and striped waistcoat and trousers. Groom’s clothes – Choosing an outfit 6For a formal afternoon wedding followed by an evening reception, a dinner jacket with cummerbund, tartan trews, dress shirt and bow tie. 7White tie and tails – a short tail-jacket, stiff shirt, white bow tie and black top hat. 8Outfit for the traditional wedding of a Scot. 9Double-breasted suit. 10Morning suit with dark jacket, pale waistcoat, top hat and striped trousers. (more…)

Jul 09

Wedding flowers and colors on the great wedding day

Wedding flowers Flowers have played a part in countless weddings throughout the centuries, and a wedding wouldn’t really feel complete without them. In ancient Roman and Anglo-Saxon wedding ceremonies both the bride and the groom wore garlands, and in the Middle Ages children strewed flowers in the path of the bride as she emerged from the church – this is the origin of our tradition of the flower girl. In early rural weddings in this country the bridal wreath often consisted of ears of corn or wheat, signifying plenty and fertility, and in some traditions the bride still carries ears of grain in her bouquet.

Your flowers Flowers for your wedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose; there is no set rule to follow. (more…)