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Jul 29

Wedding ideas – finding the best wedding dress

Buying, hiring or making – best wedding dress? One big question that needs to be answered near the beginning is – where are you going to obtain your dress? Will it be bought, made by you, made by a dressmaker, borrowed, hired? Cost may well be a factor in your choice. If you have little money to spare you will need to borrow or hire a dress, or have one made very cheaply. If you can spend a medium amount you could hire or make the dress, or buy one from a cheaper range or choose a secondhand gown. If you have a lot of money to spare the world is your oyster; you can have a dress made with all the frills and furbelows you care for, or you can buy the dress of your dreams.

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Jul 28

The day before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding

The day before the Wedding – Plan my Wedding Definitely take the day off work. Deliver your honeymoon luggage or overnight bag to the hotel. Think through where you need your car – should you leave it at the venue for the morning after the wedding? (more…)

Jul 28

Wedding ideas – the dress of the bride

The bride dress Your wedding dress is probably the detail of your wedding that will take the most time and care to sort out – and will also be the detail that everyone else wants to know about. It will probably be the most expensive garment you will ever invest in, and will be crucial to your feeling of happiness and well-being on your wedding day. So take your time over every detail and don’t let anyone rush you.

Traditions The setting aside of a special dress to be worn only on the wedding day is a relatively recent custom; for many centuries ordinary brides were simply married in their smartest clothes. Often the only thing that distinguished a bride from all the other women at the wedding was that her hair was loose; this would be the last time that she would wear her hair ‘down’ as opposed to piled on top of her head, so she would make the most of the occasion by releasing it from its customary plaits or ponytail. For many years strict clothing rules governed who could wear what, so ordinary people were often barred from wearing special fabrics or garments.

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Jul 27

Planning of pre-wedding parties

Pre-wedding parties Marriage is the beginning of a whole new life together, and there are many traditions of the bride and groom holding parties separately with their own friends of the same sex while they are still single – usually soon before the wedding. You may not like the idea of having a ‘final fling’ while you are still supposedly unfettered, but there is nothing to stop you enjoying a unique get-together with your own particular friends before your wedding day.

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Jul 26

Entertainment at Wedding Reception – Plan my Wedding

Entertainment at Wedding Reception – Plan my Wedding Entertainment is a huge part of your wedding reception to ensure everyone enjoys the celebrations in a great party atmosphere. Whether you want a DJ, a live band or pre-recorded music, there’s great scope for letting your imagination run wild. (more…)

Jul 26

Wedding ideas – planning your budget

Planning your budget Use this list to plan your own wedding budget. Fill in your own maximum sums in the space provided and also fill in who will be responsible for that particular cost.


Jul 25

Wedding ideas – cutting the cost of your wedding

Cutting wedding cost You may be beginning to despair and thinking ‘How can we ever afford to get married if that’s what it’s going to cost?’ But all is not lost; there are numerous ways of cutting down on the costs incurred by a traditional wedding. Even if you have a more or less unlimited budget it is silly to pay out unnecessarily for details that you are not that bothered about, so you might find some of these ideas useful. If you are on a very limited budget these ideas could make all the difference between a disappointing wedding day and one that is full of most of the traditional trimmings – but at less than the traditional cost!

In rural England bride-ales were common. /4 small party would be held in the church after the ceremony, then a collection box would be sent round. Alternatively, guests could throw money into a bow! in the church before or after the service.

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Jul 24

Budgeting your wedding – Transport, Photography, Flowers, Party etc.

Transport – wedding budgeting Many a bride dreams of arriving at the church in a white Rolls Royce – but you may start to have nightmares when you look into prices! If you are hiring all the main cars for a wedding then you will need at least two and probably three or four; each can cost well over £100. And, if course, if you want anything more fancy such as a vintage car or a horse and carriage the costs will be still steeper. Ask for estimates from as many firms as you can so that you can be sure you are getting the best deal.

Photography Unless you have a very skilled photographer among your relatives or wedding guests, it is best to entrust the photography on the big day to a professional. Firms vary widely in what they offer; some have a flat fee for the day and a certain number of prints; others will charge for the orders taken. (more…)

Jul 24

The necessary Documents by Civil Ceremony in the UK – Wedding Preparation

The necessary Documents by Civil Ceremony in the UK – Wedding Preparation When giving notice of marriage, you will be asked to produce evidence of identity and national ity – preferably your passport or birth certificate – and proof of residence, e.g. an electricity or telephone bill. With a birth certificate, another form of (more…)

Jul 23

Wedding ideas – Budgeting, clothes, wedding rings etc.

Budgeting – Wedding ideas How much will it cost? Getting married is notoriously expensive. Some couples are more than happy to spend out a great deal on this, the most showy day of their lives; others may have to save money wherever they can, especially if the bride and groom are footing all the bills themselves. Although the bride’s father traditionally pays for the largest part of the wedding, these days many couples contribute to the costs. Whoever is paying, it is worth finding out beforehand just how much each stage of the wedding is likely to cost so that you can budget accordingly and cut costs if necessary. That way all of you will be saved nasty surprises when the bills arrive! (more…)