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Jul 22

Wedding ideas – wedding presents and gift lists

Gift lists – wedding presents These lists provide ideas for the basic household items that may be useful to you as wedding presents; you could use this as a starting point for your own list, or photocopy this list and circulate it among your guests. Obviously each couple will be different in what they require and what they already have; add your own individual wants or needs such as a yogurt-maker, sandwich toaster, pictures, fire irons, paints and brushes, etc!


Item Barbecue Bath mat Bath rack Bedspread Blankets Candlesticks Clock Dustpan and brush Duvet Duvet cover Electric blanket Iron Ironing board Lamps Linen basket Pedal bin Pillowcases Pillows Salt and pepper set Sheets Tablecloths Table mats Tea towels Toast rack Tools Towels Trays Vases Waste paper baskets


Jul 22

Preparing Yourself Mentally and Physically for the Big Day – Plan my Wedding

Preparing Yourself Mentally and Physically for the Big Day – Plan my Wedding It’s a good idea at least three months before the big day to start looking after yourself mentally and physically, so that you are in good shape, relaxed and feeling gorgeous on your wedding day. There will be many photographs taken of you on the (more…)

Jul 21

Wedding ideas – sending out the invitations

Sending invitations The invitations should be sent out by the bride’s family (generally by her mother) if the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding. If the bride and groom are doing it themselves, the bride should send them out. By convention the invitation is addressed to the wife if it is sent to a couple; the wife replies, addressing her reply to the bride’s mother. On the invitation the couple can either be addressed formally as Mr and Mrs Robert King, less formally as Robert and Anita King, or informally as Robert and Anita, depending on how formal the wedding is and how well the hosts know the people being invited. Always make it clear on an invitation whether children are invited; this saves embarrassment later. If you are inviting a whole family, the invitation can read Mr and Mrs Robert King and family; Robert and Anita King, Harriet, Emily and James; or Robert, Anita, Harriet, Emily and James. (more…)

Jul 20

Wedding ideas – invitations, wording and variations

Wedding wording There are rules for the wording of very formal invitations, but do remember that these can always be varied if the wedding is anything other than the most formal high society affair. The most important point to clarify on the invitations is the relationship between the bride and whoever is hosting the celebrations. If the bride’s parents are hosts: Mr and Mrs Alan Brown request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter Ann to John Smith… If the bride’s parents are divorced, but hosting the wedding together: Mr Alan Brown and Mrs Jane Brown… of their daughter Ann… If the bride is marrying for the second time but the parents are still the hosts: Mr and Mrs Alan Brown… of their daughter Ann Jones… If the mother is widowed and is the sole host: (more…)

Jul 20

Book your Perfect Honeymoon Interesting Locations – Plan my Wedding

Book your Perfect Honeymoon Interesting Locations – Plan my Wedding After all the hard work of organizing a civil partnership, you deserve a break. Even if you are on a tight budget, try to have a weekend away locally. You may want to postpone your honeymoon for a week or so if people have travelled from abroad for your wedding – it’s a shame not to see more of them. (more…)

Jul 19

How many people should we invite to the wedding – guest list wedding

Guest list wedding Use this list to record the people you have invited to your wedding, their answer, the number of children they will be bringing, and any special requirements they have.

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Invitations Your invitations are the first part of your official wedding stationery; they serve both a practical and a decorative purpose. It is worth putting quite a lot of thought into your invitations and how they relate to any other stationery you will be using; the invitations should be a pleasure to send as well as to receive.

The information (more…)

Jul 18

Wedding Civil Partnership in UK Scotland Northern Ireland and Legal Preliminaries

Wedding Civil Partnership in UK Scotland Northern Ireland and Legal Preliminaries The Civil Partnership Act 2004 gives same sex couples in the UK the right to register their partnership and acquire a new legal Status as ‘registered civil partners’. This includes rights pertaining to partner’s children, taxation, inheritance, (more…)

Jul 18

Wedding ideas – choosing your guests list

Choosing guests list Choosing the wedding guests can be one of the most contentious parts of the wedding preparations, as the different people involved may have different priorities. Parents and parents-in-law will often want to invite relations of all degrees as the wedding is a rare chance for a full-scale family get-together. Bride and groom are often more interested in inviting friends that are more immediate – colleagues from work, close friends from school and college days, etc. So you will all need great tact and consideration to avoid falling out over this most crucial question.

Relations Happy the bride and groom with few relations! This makes for a guest list that is simple to put together. However, if you have numerous relations scattered all over the country (or even nearby), you will have to make the difficult choice of which ones to invite and which ones to leave out. Are they close family friends as well as relations? Have they always taken an interest in the bride or groom, or have they rarely seen them? Will they expect to be invited? Will they be offended if they aren’t invited? Are you going to set a limit of consanguinity – for instance invite anyone up to a first cousin, and no-one beyond that? (more…)

Jul 17

Wedding ideas – traditions and timetable at the wedding

Wedding traditions There are numerous traditions about the best time to many; the most common time in this country is in the summer, generally because it fits well into people’s work and holiday schedules, but if it suits you and yours best there is no reason why you shouldn’t be married at any time of the year you choose. Weddings are generally not allowed in churches on Sundays and in synagogues on the Jewish sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), but other days are generally acceptable. Most people choose to get married on a Saturday as this ensures that the maximum number of guests will be able to get time off work to attend, but if you are having a quiet wedding, particularly at a registry office, you don’t need to be tied to a Saturday. Here are some traditional rhymes relating to the month and day of weddings.


Jul 16

Transport for the Dream Wedding Day – Plan my Wedding

Transport for the Dream Wedding Day – Plan my Wedding Your wedding day is a chance to fulfill your fantasy of being driven in style – think pink Cadillac, London bus, horse-drawn carriage, rickshaw, classic American car, or a good old Roller. You don’t have to pay for transport for all your guests, but at (more…)