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Sep 12

Photographers DVD Videographers and Wedding Websites – Plan my Wedding

Photographers DVD Videographers and Wedding Websites If you think of your wedding day as a performance, you need to start booking key characters such as musicians, photographers and florists, to add color and vibrancy. Whether you want a video crew, a pink Cadillac, or a vicar in a rainbow-colored sash to (more…)

Sep 10

Perfect Wedding Invitations – Plan my Wedding

Perfect Wedding Invitations – Plan my Wedding The invitation sets the tone of your wedding and should reflect the ideas that came from your wish list. Having compiled this, you will know if you want your civil partnership to be formal, fun, posh or homespun. (more…)

Sep 08

Choose Clothes for the Flower Girl – Ideas for Wedding

Choose Clothes for the Flower Girl – Ideas for Wedding The flower girl is usually very young and her mother will get involved in the decision-making. It may be advisable not to have her dress made too early, as late alterations will almost certainly be necessary to take account of her growing. The (more…)

Sep 06

Arriving and welcoming of guests at the reception on the wedding day

Wedding reception The way you deal with the arrival of guests at the reception will depend on the size and formality of the reception and the arrangement of the place where you are holding the reception.

If there are lots of guests who came along to the service but who have not been invited to the reception, it is a nice idea to have a small (more…)

Sep 04

Going away after the wedding reception – helpful information

After the formal part of the wedding reception is over, the bride and groom should plan to have a time when they can circulate, separately or together, and talk to all of the guests informally. This may be the only chance that you get to see your guests on an informal level, so make the most of it. If possible this should be done while you are still in all your wedding finery; it will be a chance for the guests to admire your outfits at close quarters as well as to give you their good wishes. (more…)

Sep 02

Evening after wedding parties with friends – wedding planner

Wedding parties Many couples these days choose to have an evening party for wider groups of friends when they have not been able to invite them all to the reception. This is an ideal opportunity for colleagues, friends from sports teams or clubs, etc, to give you their own good wishes for your married life and also to join in the celebrations. (more…)

Aug 30

Choose the right wedding accessories – wedding organizer

Wedding accessories It’s no good choosing your dress carefully unless you pay just as much attention to what goes with it! Your accessories should complement the mood and style of your dress and of the wedding in general – for instance it would be inappropriate to wear flat white sandals with a very formal dress with a train. Keep your dress in mind when choosing all your accessories – ideally try them on with it – and you can be sure that the complete effect will be harmonious. (more…)

Aug 30

Wedding Ideas – Types of Ceremony, Alternative options

Alternative wedding ceremony There are many variations on the traditional basic wedding; you may want to have a wedding that is a little bit different because of preference or because of unavoidable circumstances. Here are some of the options for varying your wedding ceremony.

Military wedding If one or both of you is in the armed forces, you may wish to have a military style wedding. If the bride is in the forces she will probably prefer a traditional dress to her uniform, while the groom may wear either his dress uniform or his regulation version. (more…)

Aug 29

Wedding Ideas – Announcing your engagement

Sharing your news – announcing engagement The first thing that you want to do when you are engaged is – tell everyone! And, of course, all your family and friends will want to share in the good news and to wish you well. Announcing an engagement is a much less formal event these days than it used to be, but it is still worth following a few basic guidelines to make sure that everyone hears the news and that nothing is left out.

Telling parents The days are past when a young man had to have a formal interview with his prospective father-in-law to ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage; these days an engagement is almost exclusively a matter for a couple to decide for themselves. (more…)

Aug 28

Wedding Ideas – Marriage and the law in different Locations

Scotland – different Locations marriage  Gretna Green has over the years acquired an aura associating it with runaway marriages and elopements, as it is the first place over the Scottish border and Scotland’s regulations on marriage are not as restrictive as those of England and Wales. Scotland was outside the scope of the 1754 Marriage Act that governed the other countries; at one time it was possible to marry in Scotland simply by a declaration before two witnesses, but their laws have now been tightened up considerably and are bound by the Marriage (Scotland) Act of 1977. You may marry in Scotland provided that you are 16 or over; (more…)